Milestone #24916

Moving forward with SSR1 firmware and software

Added by Brian Chase 4 months ago.

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I took data from SSR1 and it seems to have the same issues as HWR. This is just one of many issues with this code. The decision to move the SSA from cavity one the cavity eight has been made and this work will start on Tuesday. We have until Thursday to have a working system for cavity 8. I was hoping that we would have HWR cleaned up by now but we still have many outstanding issues. That being said there are many things that have been cleaned up and we don't want to redo the effort and want to end up with one code base. The only difference between HWR and SSR1 that I am aware of is the resonance control interface to the outside world.

HWR RC interface-
Fast ADCs, DACs and the Berkeley control block.
SSR1 RC interface-
Berkeley control block, communication block to resonance control chassis.

Front-end Software-
Interface to Unique firmware for RC. Note that we should end up with one code base with separate functions to handle differences or with conditional compiles.

Labview and ACNET-
Only a few differences that can be handled with conditional builds.

Because we have been unable to implement and test key functionality requirements like beam loading compensation, pulse mode DAQ with CW settings and ACNET support we need to switch to this process of a single code base supporting all systems and develop, test and deploy to all.

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