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PIP2IT SSR1 Resonance Controller Voltage Distribution Board Repair

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The 2 Resonance Controllers earmarked for SSR1 will have its Voltage Distributuion boards repaired.
Procedure: Remove inductors, apply solder to pads, remove flux, and then populate with new inductor, flux removal.
Disconnect power to the 4 Amplifier Boards and "burn in" for a week.
Measure voltage levels, and connect to amplifiers and "burn in" and monitor for a couple days?????? Would this be the final test

Any input is welcome.


#1 Updated by Daniel Klepec 7 months ago

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Resonance Controller SLAC ID 18038098 and 18038092 have been repaired with new inductors and removed all flux from the footprint of the Voltage Distribution Board. One is powered currently, the second will be powered first thing tomorrow morning once I retrieve another power cable from CMTS. Monday, 9/7/20, I will power down both units and measure the inductors. If inductors A&B of the component are not shorted together or if one of the inductors have not opened, I will reconnect the amplifiers and power up and monitor the -16V to each amplifier.

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All 4 -15.5V outputs in each Resonance Control Chassis' ( SLAC ID 18038098 and 18038092) remain good. I connected 1 Piezo amplifier and will monitor the -15.7V over the next 2 days until Friday morning, 9/11/20. If successful, should I connect the remaining 7 piezo amplifier boards and run them for a few days?

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