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New nu stack for NOvA art2 --> art3 transition

Added by Brian Rebel 5 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Can we get a nu stack with

art v3_05_01
genie v3_00_06_p01
geant v4_10_4_p02b

and if we can get this too, it would be great:

tensorflow v1_12_0

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#1 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

#2 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

#3 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

Be aware that you will be getting a nearly complete set of new products. The table lists highlights.

NOvA current LArSoft current NOvA with art v3
nulite/nu v3_01_06a v3_07_02b v3_08_00
gcc qual e17 e19 e19
boost v1_66_0a v1_70_0 v1_70_0
python v2_7_15a v2_7_15a and v3_7_2 v2_7_15a and v3_7_2
clhep v2_3_4_6 v2_4_1_2 v2_4_1_2
pythia v6_4_28p v6_4_28p v6_4_28p
root v6_16_00 v6_18_04d v6_18_04d
cry v1_7k v1_7m v1_7m
lhapdf v5_9_1k v6_2_3d v6_2_3d
xerces_c v3_2_0a v3_2_2 v3_2_2
geant4 v4_10_4_p02b v4_10_6_p01 v4_10_4_p02c
genie v3_00_06_p01 v3_00_06i v3_00_06_p01a
dk2nudata v01_08_00a v01_08_00g v01_08_00g
dk2nugenie v01_08_00e v01_08_00l v01_08_00ea
ifdhc v2_5_6 v2_5_7 v2_5_7
ifdhc_config v2_5_6 v2_5_10 v2_5_10
art v2_13_00 v3_05_01 v3_05_01
art_root_io v1_03_01 v1_03_01
artdaq_core v3_04_19 v3_05_15 v3_05_15
ifdh_art v2_07_08 v2_10_07 v2_10_07
nusimdata v1_16_04 v1_21_02 v1_21_02
nuevdb v1_00_02 v1_02_06 v1_02_05_01
nug4 v1_02_02 v1_05_01 v1_02_03
geant4reweight v01_00_06 v01_01_01 v01_00_08
nugen v1_06_04 v1_10_09 v1_06_05
nutools v3_01_06 v3_07_02 v3_08_00
ppfx v02_10 v02_12_01 v02_10_01
tensorflow v1_12_0

#4 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

FYI: geant4 v4_10_4_p03 is available. I will stick with v4_10_4_p02, but you might want to consider updating.

#5 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

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#6 Updated by Brian Rebel 5 months ago

Thanks for providing the list of versions. Is it possible to get nug4, geant4reweight, nugget and nutools to have the same versions in the new stack as the current NOvA stack?

Also, can you tell us what changed in nusimdata between v1_16 and v1_21? Were those changes just related to art2-->art3, or is there something else?

#7 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

nusimdata has changes required by updating art/canvas. Also, because of changes in underlying products and added support for e19, you are unlikely to get the same version of anything. The questions in the table are simply because we don't yet know exactly how that will play out. The table will be updated as I go along.

#8 Updated by Brian Rebel 5 months ago

I see. If we can keep the versions of GENIE and GEANT4 the same (modulo an identifier for the compiler) that would be most helpful in our vetting of the new product stack. It would cut down on the number of places we have to look when the inevitable differences arise.

#9 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

You are getting the same versions - but the table file MUST change. That means that you get a different name for the same release. You should be used to this by now. It is now new.

#10 Updated by Brian Rebel 5 months ago

OK, thanks. Yes, I know the table file changes. It wasn't clear that you meant we were getting the same versions of the underlying product from the previous comments. If I understand correctly now, you mean the ups product versioning is changed, ie the letter appended at the back of the version, but not the underlying release of the package. So, for example GENIE will remain at version v3_00_06_p01 from the GENIE repository, even though the ups product might have a version of v3_00_06_p01a. Am I understanding you correctly?

#11 Updated by Alexander Himmel 5 months ago

I will second Brian’s point that we want to avoid changing any “physics” here if at all possible since that opens up substantial new validation requirements.

However, from the discussion it sounds like that’s not expected, and we’re just changing our internal markers to make them unique products, right?

#12 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

Alex, that is the intention. You are getting a new clhep. That's unavoidable (art also uses clhep). I'm working on getting you a new geant4 build ASAP.

#13 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

geant4 v4_10_4_p02c is now available on SciSoft for e17, e19, c2, and c7. This build uses clhep v2_4_1_2 and xerces_c v3_2_2.

#14 Updated by Brian Rebel 5 months ago

Hi Lynn - how is the rest of the stack coming along? Just wanted to be sure I haven't missed an update somewhere.

#15 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

We're working on it. Is geant4 working for you? Or do you need a nug4 build before you can test?


#16 Updated by Brian Rebel 5 months ago

I think we need nug4 before we can test it...actually I think we need the full stack. The nova software is not cleanly split up like LArSoft and so we have to test/build it all at once.

#17 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

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nulite v3_08_00 is now available. The table above has been edited to reflect the versions of products included.

We are still waiting for cstxsd, which will be part of a matching nu distribution.

art v3_05_01 only supports e19 and c7 builds. The python2 builds use the py2 qualifier.

With clhep 2.4, the default random number generator changed. If you always specify the generator, this is not a problem.

#18 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

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The complete nu v3_08_00 distribution is now available on SciSoft.

#19 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel about 1 month ago

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