Bug #24646

Incorrect values at Pressure Transducer Readback

Added by Shrividhyaa Sankar Raman 2 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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  • Display value received from FFPGA.
  • The value received from FPGA is zero.


#1 Updated by Shrividhyaa Sankar Raman about 2 months ago

  • Ed suggested that we use the debug terminal on the LV panel to check if the registers are populated.
  • Checked for the output of parameter 136 (CA Pressure Transducer Reading) -> Output 0 as expected.
  • Checked for the output of parameter 135 (CA PT Readback) -> Output 0 which means the readback registers are not populated with the right values.
  • Checked other similar parameters to which changes have not been made -> still 0.
  • Parameters such as Saturation flags and Track and Hold state are old parameters that have not changed their values in sometime.
  • TODO: Look at the firmware to check there is anything in particular that has to be altered for the FPGA to sent the right values to the ARM.

#2 Updated by Brian Chase about 1 month ago

Are there any updates on this bug?

#3 Updated by Shrividhyaa Sankar Raman about 1 month ago

  • The PT Readback was tested for issues wrt LV and compared with earlier version of LV (Ed's version as the Sat flags work in his case).
  • Tried to write a value to the register and to see if it reflected on the output.
  • The output was still 0, however, the previously sent value does seem to show up as the value entered.
  • This is because, this register cannot be written to and only read.
  • Next, tried to write a default value to the code by specifying the default value in the spreadsheet.
  • Output still remains 0.
  • The FPGA is constantly writing 0s to ARM memory and this is seen in LV.
  • Would be helpful to determine cause by uploading default value from F/W.

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