Idea #24635

Feature #24546: Add the ability to use CVMFS on sites that do not provide local installations

Prepare separate scripts for mount and unmount of CVMFS

Added by Namratha Urs 6 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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As per the discussion, cvmfsexec invokes a modified execution environment (similar to Python interpreter) within which CVMFS repositories can be mounted/unmounted by unprivileged users. Because of this modified environment, using cvmfsexec might not be straightforward to embed within the glidein scripts and hence, can be a difficulty in using cvmfsexec to mount and unmount CVMFS repositories on the worker node.

Instead of cvmfsexec, mountrepo/umountrepo can be used based on certain system info. The mount and unmount of CVMFS repositories will be separated into two scripts to make it easy to follow (rather than have both of them in a single script).


#1 Updated by Namratha Urs 6 months ago

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#2 Updated by Namratha Urs 6 months ago

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Completed CVMFS feature development and tested the prototype locally on a worker node environment. Testing has been carried out with respect to the testing matrix (available on Github repo).

Four scripts have been designed as part of the prototype:
1. -- for performing all the necessary checks to determine if CMVFS can be mounted or not.
2. -- for unmounting CVMFS that was previously mounted.
3. -- contains all the functions that and use (primarily, the former)
4. -- script that mimics the execution of user job after CVMFS is mounted.

All of these four scripts have been pushed to (under prepare-scripts branch)

#3 Updated by Namratha Urs 5 months ago

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Completed development of scripts with pre-requisite checks, logging of system checks, mounting and unmounting of CVMFS. All code on branch prepare-scripts has been merged to the master branch. The code base for the prototype is now accessible at

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#5 Updated by Marco Mambelli about 1 month ago

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