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SSR1 Resonance Control chassis

Added by Brian Chase 8 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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SSR1 Resonance Control
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Making sure that the chassis location and information about the chassis are logged. Working chassis installed. Add information to the Wiki in a nice format. This should get linked to all uses of these chassis.

Note from Andy

Hi Brian, Dan,
All Resonance chassis shipped from SLAC did have the Rev-A power distribution board that was improperly fabricated. Only a few Rev ‘-‘ boards were sent to Fermi from JLab or SLAC, and no refurbished rev-A boards were sent to Fermi. If the board has a rev-A marking, it shouldn’t be trusted long term. There are a few options. We can swap boards by shipping boards only, or we can exchange chassis. SLAC is now focusing on filling the LCLS2 installation with repaired chassis, so I am in favor of swapping boards only. You have listed 2 chassis below, but I believe that 4 chassis were sent to FNAL for work separate from 3.9 GHz CM testing. Those serial numbers are:
18038092, 18038093, 18038094, 18038101.


#1 Updated by Daniel Klepec 8 months ago

See attachment

#2 Updated by Daniel Klepec 7 months ago

Updated Inventory and Tracking by Andrew Benwell is attached.

#3 Updated by Daniel Klepec 5 months ago

4 Resonance Controllers are being sent back to SLAC. See spreadsheet

#4 Updated by Daniel Klepec 4 months ago

Installed 1 Unit at CMTS in Relay Rack 201 for SSR1. Updated spreadsheet is attached.

#5 Updated by Daniel Klepec 4 months ago

Updated status of Resonance Controller Inventory. 2 more sent to SLAC, serial #'s 18061064 and 18060980

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