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Troubleshoot CMS singularity invocation and images

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Summarizing here an email thread mainly w/ Shahzad, Saqib, and Marco Mascheroni and related troubleshooting work.

I highlighted 2 problems w/ the images and invocation:
  1. at the beginning of June there was a problem w/ certificates
  2. the singularity wrapper invokes the setup of osg-wn-client
The CMS image includes the osg-wn-client RPM and none of the above should happen
  1. happened because the image was not updated since January (testing and validation could not keep up w/ the new images built by Shazad) and some CAs expired at the end of May. OSG advertised the fact and the new RPM for about a month. The failure to update caused many CMS jobs to fail.
    This has been fixed adding automatic updates for security fixes.
  2. There should be no need to add the setup from CVMFS Oasis, the osg-wn-client RPM is installed in the image already. This is still under investigation. Probably some CMS sw is overriding the system path or library path (where osg-wn-client is installed)


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It was CMS software from CVMFS overriding settingd used by the WN client RPM. The setup from OASIS brings them back.

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