Feature #24547

Make compatible with Icarus CRT fhicl files.

Added by Gennadiy Lukhanin 7 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Need to disable the processing of fhicl includes at the end of the file.


#1 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 7 months ago

The improved version of code allows having "#includes" at the end of a fhicl file. I updated the test/DataFormats/Fhicl/fcl2dbjson/test003/test009.fcl file by adding a couple of "#include" statements at the end. This file is processed with the RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_009_t test case, which converts FHICL to JSON and back to FHICL and confirms that the resulting fhicl file is identical as the original one.

#2 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 7 months ago

Testing steps:
  1. Open the buildmaster URL below in Firefox and authenticate with the CIlogin certificate.
  2. Click on the "Build with parameters" link.
  3. Change build parameters
    1. set ARTDAQ_DATABASE_GITBRANCH to the "feature/24547_fhicl_includes" branch,
    2. set VERSION to v1_04_85.
  4. Click on the "Build" button.
  5. Wait for ~40 mins for the build to complete.
  6. Go back to the artdaq_database page at
  7. Move mouse over a green sphere, click on the arrow next to it and select the "Workspace" menu option.
  8. Click on the "copyBack" folder icon.
  9. Click on the "test_artdaq-database.log" file and search for the "RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_009_t“ string.
  10. Confirm that RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_009_t has a "Passed" status.

The following tests are allowed to FAIL:
114 - MongoFhicl_search1_002_t (Failed)
131 - UcondJson_insert_001_t (Failed)
132 - UcondJson_update_003_t (Failed)
133 - UcondJson_search2_004_t (Failed)

Note: Sometimes, a test instance of MongoDB fails to start, and no tests ran; this is due to Jenkins issues with running parallel builds, so you either re-run that specific build variant or check another one. A message below indicates such a problem.

about to fork child process, waiting until server is ready for connections.
forked process: 42791
ERROR: child process failed, exited with error number 48
To see additional information in this output, start without the "--fork" option.
Problem running command:  /scratch/workspace/artdaq-database-build/SLF7/s83-e17-debug/products/mongodb/v4_0_8b/Linux64bit+3.10-2.17-e17-debug/bin/mongod  --dbpath /scratch/workspace/artdaq-database-build/SLF7/s83-e17-debug/build/build-artdaq_database-s83e17debug/databases/mongodb --logpath /scratch/workspace/artdaq-database-build/SLF7/s83-e17-debug/build/build-artdaq_database-s83e17debug/databases/mongod.log --logappend --pidfilepath=/scratch/workspace/artdaq-database-build/SLF7/s83-e17-debug/build/build-artdaq_database-s83e17debug/databases/ --bind_ip= --fork
Problem executing pre-test command(s).
Errors while running CTest

ERROR: Stage test failed.

#3 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 7 months ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
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#4 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 5 months ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

Tested in the Icarus cluster.

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