Feature #24465

Testing framework for distributed resources and GlideinWMS

Added by Marco Mambelli about 1 month ago.

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Testing application for distributed resources and GlideinWMS. This application will interact with GlideinWMS components and send Glideins to explore and validate the resources. It will further allow to customize the Glideins and replace standard components of the GlideinWMS framework with new ones that require testing.
A description of the project can be found here:

More about it:
  • ishould allow testing and validation of new Entries (sites where Glideins are running)
  • should allow testing of an individual worker node
  • should allow push (the Glidein is sent) and pull (the Glidein is requested) tets
  • should allow testing using existing Frontend groups and Factory entries configurations
  • should allow easy Glidein management (decide how many to send, remove currently running ones, ...)
  • should allow replacing some of the existing attributes or files
    • May allow trying easily multiple values or multiple files
  • should allow replacing also implicit files used by the Glidein (including,, ...)
Steps will include:
  • Propose a design
    • should it be integrated w/ GWMS or a separate app using it?
      • Some minimal modification of GWMS is needed to allow customizing custom scripts, the rest could be a separate project
    • which technologies should be used (languages, framework, DB)?
  • Development
    • Iterative phase, adding capabilities and components
    • Command line, maybe GUI
  • Integration testing
    • On Fermicloud first, on outside resources later
  • Release
Some interesting resources that can be integrated or provide examples:

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