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Complete orientation & training for the GlideinWMS project

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You have to complete the following steps in order to get you familiar with GlideinWMS and the tools used in the collaboration:

  1. Get a FNAL ID number and username (ID), Fermilab Kerberos and services accounts (Windows account is not required)
  2. Receive a laptop w/ account (FNAL ID) and a property pass (requires 1)
  3. Request Fermicloud access (service now ticket, requires services account)
  4. Get and check Redmine access as GWMS developers (requires services account)
  5. Get an x509 certificate (via CILogon and/or kx509?)
  6. Check that you have been added to the glideinWMS mailing list to receive the updates ()
  7. Request to be added to Fermilab computing SLACK ( using your Fermilab email, and the #glideinWMS channel
  8. Create a account and communicate your username to the GlideinWMS team
  9. Read or attend to the following orientation presentations:
  10. Follow the following shell tutorial (if needed): (the source code is on GitHub )
  11. Follow the following Git tutorial (if needed):
  12. Follow the following introduction to Python (if needed). Lesson 1, 2, 3 and exercises:
  13. Ask for git, vi and shell cheat sheets. Practice basic shell commands (navigation, file operations) and create/edit a file with vi (if needed)
Here a few optional references to learn more about some topics:


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