Bug #2441

Accounting issues for new glidein types

Added by Krista Larson about 9 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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We need to support new types of glideins:

- single slot/core (current use)
- multislot, which starts N pilots per glidein
- multicore, which allots N cores per glidein

Here are the issues:

1) The factory can start N pilots per submission.
- We currently can add a <attr> (which will be in the entry classad) but this section of the factory config contains values not "required". We should make this a required part of the config and always advertise this for each entry.
- For the frontend to get the correct number of pilots for these entries, the frontend needs to adjust the ReqIdle by N. The frontend will use the value advertised by the factory.
This will require config and code changes in both the factory and frontend.

2) The factory can have N cores per glidein.
- The factory will again need to advertise this. We could do an <attr> but this should also be a required part of the config and always be advertised.
- The frontend may just need proper matching statements, unless we somehow want to force some kind of matching to always be done for this value.

3) Monitoring in factory and frontend may need changes because of the different types of glideins.

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