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Master BOE

Added by Brian Chase 3 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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RFPI_3_16_20_CH1.xlsx (643 KB) RFPI_3_16_20_CH1.xlsx LLRF BOE 4_10_20 James Hovater, 04/10/2020 03:18 PM
RFPI_3_16_20_CH1.xlsx (646 KB) RFPI_3_16_20_CH1.xlsx LLRF BOE 4_10_20_V2 James Hovater, 04/10/2020 03:43 PM
RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_dan.xlsx (647 KB) RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_dan.xlsx Daniel Klepec, 04/13/2020 03:27 PM
RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_dan_V2.xlsx (650 KB) RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_dan_V2.xlsx Daniel Klepec, 04/15/2020 01:48 PM
RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_dan_V2.xlsx (656 KB) RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_dan_V2.xlsx Updates by chase- MO, Station Brian Chase, 04/15/2020 04:00 PM
BOE_BPG_tab_v0.xlsx (15.3 KB) BOE_BPG_tab_v0.xlsx Updated BPG BOE worksheet John Dusatko, 04/15/2020 07:23 PM
BPG_opt2_cost_est_v0.xlsx (26.7 KB) BPG_opt2_cost_est_v0.xlsx Estimate basis document (feeds the BOE) John Dusatko, 04/15/2020 07:26 PM
RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_PV_V1.xlsx (655 KB) RFPI_3_16_20_CH1_PV_V1.xlsx Philip Varghese, 04/16/2020 02:58 PM
RFPI_4_16_20_CH1_dan_PV_JD_V3.xlsx (656 KB) RFPI_4_16_20_CH1_dan_PV_JD_V3.xlsx James Hovater, 04/16/2020 05:46 PM
BOE_Doc- -AccS - LLRF -PIP-II-4.docx (35.6 KB) BOE_Doc- -AccS - LLRF -PIP-II-4.docx LLRF BOE WDoc_v1 James Hovater, 04/17/2020 02:14 PM
LLRF BOE Reference_v3.xlsx (669 KB) LLRF BOE Reference_v3.xlsx James Hovater, 04/21/2020 02:35 PM
LLRF BOE Reference_v4.xlsx (659 KB) LLRF BOE Reference_v4.xlsx James Hovater, 04/22/2020 12:32 PM
LLRF BOE Reference_v4_JD_BPG_edits.xlsx (665 KB) LLRF BOE Reference_v4_JD_BPG_edits.xlsx Fixed some items in BPG tab (other tabs unchanged) John Dusatko, 04/22/2020 08:13 PM
PIP-II LLRF Project BOE Reference.xlsx (96.3 KB) PIP-II LLRF Project BOE Reference.xlsx James Hovater, 04/30/2020 03:16 PM


#3 Updated by Daniel Klepec 3 months ago

I added descriptions for all LLRF Station items on LLRF Station Tab and corrected some paths.

#4 Updated by Daniel Klepec 3 months ago

Added notes to MO and PRL, Beam Pattern Generator, and Res Con. Didn't really add anything to BPG other than deleted incorrect BOM path.

#7 Updated by Philip Varghese 3 months ago

Edits made to the LLRF Station numbers to match up with BOE both M&S and labor

#8 Updated by James Hovater 3 months ago

This is based on Dan's V2 file. It includes Phillips RF station edits (today), John's BPG tab, Niral's RFPI tab, Resonance Control (me) and System design.

#9 Updated by James Hovater 3 months ago

This is the Word doc describing the BOE (what goes at the top of the BOE file in docdb). I edited it removing the descriptions in the zip files, adding places for Resonance, BPG and RFPI Excel spread sheets.

#10 Updated by James Hovater 3 months ago

Needs Documentation links.
Total cost has increased by $232k and 1900 Hours

#13 Updated by James Hovater 2 months ago

Revised Ref BOE. Has the resonance fabrication/M&S roll up.

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