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Catalog Timestamp Drivers of Operational MOOC Front-Ends

Added by Beau Harrison 7 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Timestamps have been shown to be generated inconsistently. We should catalog what drivers are used in front-ends so that we can discover what is being done well and what can be done better.
Jason St. John has been working with GMPS, BOOST1, MI3, and MECAR to show this so a first pass is to look at similar MOOC front-ends.


#1 Updated by Beau Harrison 7 months ago

I wrote a Python script that takes a list of nodes from a file and telnets into each node and executes moduleShow and then parses the output with the regex (sld)|(pmctrig)|(iptrig)|(vucdtrig).
There are three outside cases; unknown, busy, and timed out. Unknown means that everything was successful but the regex didn't match. Busy means there was an EOFError which is likely due to a connection refused. Timed out means that there was no output with 2 seconds.

The acl I used to create the node list is acl node_info/operational/mooc.

AP1001 unknown
AP1002 unknown
AP5001 unknown
BADMAB pmctrig
BAPS vucdtrig
BCOLL iptrig
BGMPS iptrig
BLLRF1 busy
BLLRF2 unknown
BLLRFD unknown
BLLRFO unknown
BLONGD unknown
BLRFDS timed out
BOOST1 timed out
BOOST2 sld
BOOVAC unknown
BOOWIR iptrig
BST1 iptrig
CMLLRF unknown
CMTIL1 unknown
CMTIL2 unknown
CMTIL3 unknown
CUB01 unknown
DBPM10 unknown
DBPM20 unknown
DBPM30 unknown
DBPM40 unknown
DBPM50 unknown
DBPM60 unknown
ESBHRM unknown
HINSGP unknown
HINSMC iptrig
HNSPLC unknown
IBPM10 unknown
IBPM20 unknown
IBPM30 unknown
IBPM40 unknown
IBPM50 unknown
IBPM6N unknown
IBPM6S unknown
IBPM8A busy
IBPM8B unknown
IBPM8C pmctrig
IBPM8D pmctrig
IBPM8E pmctrig
IBPMAL pmctrig
IDAMP unknown
IPMCN2 iptrig
IPMCNT iptrig
LEBIT1 unknown
LIP741 timed out
LIP742 timed out
LIP743 timed out
LIP744 timed out
LIP745 timed out
M10TOR pmctrig
M40TOR unknown
MBLM10 unknown
MBLM20 unknown
MBLM30 unknown
MBLM40 unknown
MBLM50 unknown
MBLM6N unknown
MBLM6S unknown
MBLMP1 pmctrig
MBPM10 pmctrig
MBPM12 pmctrig
MC1HRM unknown
MCR01 unknown
MCR02 pmctrig
MCR03 unknown
MCRBCC unknown
MEBIT1 unknown
MECAR unknown
MI1 sld
MI10 iptrig
MI14 unknown
MI14TO timed out
MI2 sld
MI20 iptrig
MI3 sld
MI30 iptrig
MI30TO timed out
MI39 unknown
MI4 sld
MI40 iptrig
MI50 unknown
MI52 unknown
MI52SP iptrig
MI60N unknown
MI60NB unknown
MI60S unknown
MI60S2 unknown
MI60S3 unknown
MI60SB unknown
MI62 unknown
MI62B unknown
MI65B unknown
MI8CL1 iptrig
MIBEAM pmctrig
MILLRF unknown
MITHSR unknown
MRF unknown
MS3CL1 iptrig
MS4 unknown
MSEPTA iptrig
MT1 iptrig
MT2 iptrig
MU3HRM unknown
MWF23 unknown
MWF2P3 unknown
MWIRE0 unknown
MWIRE1 sld
MWIRE2 unknown
MWIRE3 unknown
MWMB10 unknown
MWMB12 unknown
MWMI14 unknown
MWMI30 unknown
MWMS1 unknown
MWT52 iptrig
N60TOR pmctrig
NBPB65 unknown
NBPM65 pmctrig
NBPM6N pmctrig
NBPM6S pmctrig
NBPMOV pmctrig
NMAAT unknown
NMGLRF unknown
NMGUNI unknown
NMLA unknown
NMLB unknown
NMLBP2 unknown
NMLBP3 unknown
NMLGP1 unknown
NMLGP2 unknown
NMLGP3 unknown
NMLHEC unknown
NMLHOM unknown
NMLLD1 unknown
NMLLEC unknown
NMLLRF unknown
NMLRFI unknown
NMLTOR unknown
NMLTR2 unknown
NMLTR3 unknown
NMLTRG unknown
NMLVAC unknown
NMLVM1 timed out
NOVASC unknown
NUMI sld
NUMI65 unknown
NUMIHN iptrig
NWAVAC unknown
OTISVW unknown
PBCOOL unknown
PBEAM pmctrig
PXINT unknown
PXMC1 iptrig
PXMC2 iptrig
R60CSC iptrig
RBPM10 unknown
RBPM20 unknown
RBPM30 unknown
RBPM40 unknown
RBPM50 unknown
RBPM60 unknown
RDLOSS unknown
RRCOLL timed out
RRLLNV unknown
RRXDMP pmctrig
RTPM10 unknown
RTPM20 unknown
RTPM30 unknown
RTPM40 unknown
RTPM50 unknown
RTPM60 unknown
S60TOR unknown
SBPMF1 unknown
SBPMF3 unknown
SRFMPS unknown
STATE timed out
STATEA pmctrig
SWIC unknown
SWYD sld
SYBPMP timed out
TBLMF1 pmctrig
TBLMF2 pmctrig
TBLMF3 pmctrig
TBLMF4 pmctrig
TCLK sld
TEVA sld
TEVAC unknown
TEVF unknown
TLG unknown
UBLM10 pmctrig
UBLM30 pmctrig
UBLM3A pmctrig
UBLM3B pmctrig
UBLM50 pmctrig
UBLMM1 pmctrig
UBLMM4 pmctrig
UCDA unknown
UCDB unknown
UCDHIN iptrig
UPMA30 pmctrig
UPMF1 pmctrig
UPMF23 pmctrig
UPMF27 pmctrig
UPMM60 pmctrig
XTBPM1 unknown

#2 Updated by Beau Harrison 7 months ago

The nodes in question:

BGMPS iptrig
MECAR unknown
MI3 sld

#3 Updated by Beau Harrison 7 months ago

Maybe my script isn't waiting long enough for output?

I looked at MECAR manually and found pmctrig.

#4 Updated by Beau Harrison 4 months ago

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