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Support Python as a Light Weight FE Framework

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There is interest in providing devices via Python. A Python FE framework would be ideal. This would allow engineers and physicists to directly link their analysis to devices.

Should this kind of work be done in an IOC?


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(This should probably be moved to a front-end project.)

Just a few notes about supporting this:

  • Our current Python library uses TCP sockets to reach acnetd. We either need to open up service support on our TCP interface or create a Python library that uses the local, UDP interface.
  • The scripts would have to run on registered ACNET nodes (see previous point). We currently don't encourage transient front-ends. If a FE is operational, we expect its devices to be accessible.

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Move to the FE group.

#4 Updated by Richard Neswold 10 months ago

Some more specs/requirements:

  • We provide a Python base class, Driver, that would be the interface between the framework and the driver. If a driver required interfacing with C or C++ code, we wouldn't be providing that lower-level interface.
  • It would be based off the current acsys Python module, so it would be using the asyncio framework.

That being said, we just had a meeting and came to the conclusion that this might not be the path we should head down. We need to see how complete the Python IOC library is, for instance.

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