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nutools v2_27_07 with genie v3_00_04_ub2

Added by Steven Gardiner 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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MicroBooNE requests a new version of nutools (v2_27_07) built against a new version of genie, v3_00_04_ub2. This patched version of genie should be created using the tag v3_00_04_ub2 in the MicroBooNE forks of the GENIE Generator and Reweight repositories:

The dk2nugenie and nutools products should be built against the new genie version with changes only to the product dependencies. The work should be performed using the v3_00_04_ub_br branch of nutools.


#2 Updated by Steven Gardiner 5 months ago

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New versions of the ssi-build scripts for genie v3_00_04_ub2 and dk2nugenie v01_08_00_ub2 have been tagged and pushed. I've also updated the lar_v2_27_br branch of nutools and tagged v2_27_07. All that remains is to upload materials to SciSoft and build on Jenkins. At the moment I lack the right permissions, but I will follow up tomorrow.

#3 Updated by Steven Gardiner 5 months ago

The Jenkins build of nulite failed due to geant4reweight v01_00_03, which references nutools v2_27_06 (the previous version) in its product_deps. I've made a feature branch to correct the problem (and moved the nutools v2_27_07 tag), but I do not yet have write permission for the geant4reweight repository.

#4 Updated by Lynn Garren 5 months ago

You'll have to request permissions from the owners.

#5 Updated by Steven Gardiner 5 months ago

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nutools v2_27_07 has been built and uploaded to SciSoft. I've notified MicroBooNE that it is now available for use in patch releases of larsoft and uboonecode.

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