Bug #24081

Run Number not seen to be increasing on Status panel

Added by Bruce Howard 8 months ago. Updated 30 days ago.

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We have found that the run number in the status diagram seems not to update if one stops the run, goes back to ready, and then starts a run from there again


#1 Updated by Iker de Icaza Astiz 8 months ago

  • Assignee changed from Iker de Icaza Astiz to Esteban Cristaldo
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Thanks for reporting Bruce.

Esteban this one seems like and easy one, can you please look into it?

#2 Updated by Esteban Cristaldo 8 months ago

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I have found that there is an issue with the "" script which retrieves the <last N runs> as described in the usage. The issue at hand is that the script does not retrieve the last N runs. The GUI relies on this script to update the Run number in the state diagram.

#3 Updated by Iker de Icaza Astiz 8 months ago

I have opened an issue on daqinterface: Bug #24105

We'll follow up there and once it gets fixed we'll test and close this one.

#4 Updated by Esteban Cristaldo 8 months ago

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  • Status changed from Under Discussion to Resolved

In revision acac659a, a header file is added gui_utility_functions.hpp is added where daqInterfaceState::parseRun_number() is moved and used as a non-member function in daqinterfacestate.cpp and xmlrpc_gui_comm.cpp to fetch the current run number. The implemented function replaces the method of retrieving the run number iterating the run_records folder by parsing the output of "".

#5 Updated by Bruce Howard 8 months ago

Thank you Esteban and Iker! We will keep an eye when we pick up these commits in a future version of artdaq.

#6 Updated by Iker de Icaza Astiz 7 months ago

Your branch seems ok. I've merged to develop now. Once the issue on artdaqinterface is closed and we can test this with a tagged version I'll close this issue.

#7 Updated by Iker de Icaza Astiz 30 days ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

This issue seems to have been resolved a while ago. Closing.

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