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Audit SQL usage in front-ends

Added by Richard Neswold 12 months ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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The Central Service group is retiring Sybase at the end of this year. Several front-ends make SQL queries and will need to be migrated to PostgreSQL. Denise also asked us to audit all services that front-ends use, like DNLDD.

Scanning the startups script located in the boot area shows the following systems are loading dbdown.out, which has the SQL API in it. It doesn't mean these systems actually use it; some people cut-n-paste example start-up code from others without fully understanding what each module does. A quick test would be to comment out dbdown.out from the script and then reboot. If there are unresolved symbol errors from any other module, then it's being used.

Operational Systems

These are systems where there was a clear link between the startup script and the node that uses it. A "clear link" means either the name of the startup script contained a valid ACNET node name or the contents of the script indicated which front-end uses it. There were a lot of strangely named scripts whose contents didn't refer to its node (maybe they are used by multiple nodes?), so this list is probably not complete.

NODE Maintainer
BCOLL Rich Neswold
MCR02 Jerry Firebaugh
MI8CL1 Rich Neswold
MIBEAM John Diamond
NMLGP3 Jerry Firebaugh
NUMIHN Rich Neswold
PBEAM John Diamond
PXMC2 Rich Neswold
QXRMI Jerry Firebaugh
RTPM* John Diamond
SRFBLM Rich Neswold
STATEA Rich Neswold
TEVAC Jerry Firebaugh

Test Systems

Not sure if these are still in use, but they load dbdown.out.

NODE Maintainer
BOODAM Dennis Nicklaus
LBEAM John Diamond

Out of Service Systems

These systems probably shouldn't exist anymore1.

NODE Maintainer
DRF1 Jerry Firebaugh
ECOOL Rich Neswold

Obsolete Systems

These systems should probably also be removed1.

NODE Maintainer
E0IPM Rich Neswold
E4RVAC Jerry Firebaugh
ECVAC Jerry Firebaugh
MIVAC Jerry Firebaugh
NOVATB John Diamond
NUMIPM Rich Neswold
PBVAC Jerry Firebaugh
STATEB Rich Neswold
SYVAC Jerry Firebaugh
TBEAM Tom Meyer

Unknown Systems

These directories were in the boot area and it wasn't clear which front-ends use the resources. So this table contains the directory name and the account that owns it.

Directory Owner
mibpm Elliot McCrory
otis Randy Thurman-Keup
twt Dennis Nicklaus
tbpm Luciano Piccoli

1 It could be that only the ACNET node table entry remains for these systems. But whatever resources remain should be reclaimed.


#1 Updated by Richard Neswold 12 months ago

I sent out a general message to front-end programmers asking for usage examples of the dbdown module of which we might not be aware.

#2 Updated by Richard Neswold 12 months ago

  • Description updated (diff)

Update description with results from scanning startup scripts.

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