Bug #23824

An error results when trying to set an artdaq process's mask via xmlrpc

Added by John Freeman 11 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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While working on Issue #23792, I discovered that it's not currently possible to call trace_set via XML-RPC. E.g., if I have an artdaq process listening on port 11102 and I call:

xmlrpc http://localhost:11102/RPC2 daq.trace_set s/T s/ALL i/$((0x378))

Then I get this response:
String: 'The trace_set command expects a mask type (M, S , or T), a name (ALL for all) and a mask'

Related issues

Related to artdaq Utilities - Feature #23792: DAQInterface functions to send trace_set and trace_get commands to all artdaq processesClosed12/20/2019

Associated revisions

Revision d62982a3 (diff)
Added by John Freeman 11 months ago

JCF: Issue #23824: have the mask argument to trace_set be a string rather than an unsigned 64-bit integer so we don't have problems with XML-RPC

Revision 1e43dbbe (diff)
Added by John Freeman 11 months ago

JCF: Issue #23792: make sure that after the prior commit DAQInterface continues to work with artdaq code which predates the changes from artdaq Issue #23824


#1 Updated by John Freeman 11 months ago

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This is resolved with commit d62982a30109a646cf1aa49d109fc3616d5c4700 on the feature/23824_fix_trace_set branch. Googling around, it appeared that using 64-bit unsigned integers as arguments, which is what's currently used for the TRACE mask in the trace_set call, may be problematic in XML-RPC. What I did is simply change the format of the argument to a string, and then convert it to an unsigned 64-bit integer inside of artdaq::Commandable::do_trace_set.

#2 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt 11 months ago

  • Related to Feature #23792: DAQInterface functions to send trace_set and trace_get commands to all artdaq processes added

#3 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt 11 months ago

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With f42d46947a03 on the feature/23824_fix_trace_set branch, I have added parameter names to the various functions in Commandable, CommanderInterface, and xmlrpc_commander. This should help reduce confusion for trace_set's arguments; I have also standardized to "name, type, mask" order. I have also made several other enhancements to xmlrpc_commander, fixing data types where necessary. All of these changes are supported by the updated commander_test executable, which actually tests the return status from the commander plugin now.

#4 Updated by John Freeman 11 months ago

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Using the current head of DAQInterface's develop branch (fcab4748641e996c93ed163f030fea7c255821ab) I can see that with the aforementioned commit on artdaq's feature/23824_fix_trace_set branch trace_get and trace_set continue to work with the new "name, type, mask" argument order. Also, from code inspection, I see that the arguments are now given names in the artdaq code, and "mrb t" reveals that all tests pass, including the relevant-to-this-issue commander_test_xmlrpc_t .

#5 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt 10 months ago

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