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Request to extend TriggerNameServices to read names from previous jobs

Added by Giuseppe Cerati over 1 year ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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TriggerNameServices is currently built based on the trigger results from the current job.
However, it would be good it could return the trigger names of filters run on previous jobs.
The functionality could be similar to what is currently done in EventSelector::acceptEvent(TriggerResults const& tr).

Here is a code snipped that works for me:

  art::ValidHandle<art::TriggerResults> filter = e.getValidHandle<art::TriggerResults>(art::InputTag("TriggerResults","","OverlayFiltersPostStage2"));
  std::vector<std::string> trigger_path_names;
  fhicl::ParameterSet pset;
  if (!fhicl::ParameterSetRegistry::get(filter->parameterSetID(), pset)) { throw cet::exception("PSet Not Found???"); }
  trigger_path_names = pset.get<std::vector<std::string> >("trigger_paths", {});
  if (trigger_path_names.size()!=filter->size()) { throw cet::exception("Size mismatch???"); }
  for (size_t itp=0;itp<filter->size();itp++) {
    std::cout << "filter name=" << << " decision=" << filter->at(itp).accept()  << std::endl;

(Thanks Kyle for the help!)


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The art developers will discuss this feature. In particular, any issues related to multi-threading need to be understood before this feature is implemented.

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It appears this issue will take more discussion among stakeholders before it can be implemented.

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Basic proposal challenges

It is quite difficult to adjust the interface to be able to provide trigger path names from previous processes without the event--i.e. there's no good way to do:

art::ServiceHandle<TriggerNamesService> triggerNames;
std::vector<std::string> path_names = triggerNames->getTrigPaths("OverlayFiltersPostStage2"); // Difficult to achieve

The reason for this is because the storage of trigger path names and the rest of the process' configuration are not closely aligned. I could come up with some way of doing this that would work now, but it would hardly be extensible if the schema needs to change.


However, once an event object is available, there is enough information to directly identify the path names for the relevant process. I have therefore added interface to the TriggerNamesService so that the code in the description of this issue can be equivalently expressed in art 3.09 as:

art::ServiceHandle<TriggerNamesService> triggerNames;

// 'results' is of type 'std::map<std::string, art::HLTPathStatus>'
auto results = triggerNames->pathResults(e, "OverlayFiltersPostStage2");

for (auto const& [path_name, path_status] : results) {
  std::cout << "filter name=" << path_name 
            << " decision=" << path_status.accept() << '\n';

Notice that there no longer is any explicit interaction with the art::TriggerResults object. For those who would like to use the TriggerResults object, the following interface is provided:

art::ServiceHandle<TriggerNamesService> triggerNames;
art::TriggerResults const& tr = triggerNames->triggerResults(e, "OverlayFiltersPostStage2");

Because almost all uses of path names are used with a trigger-results object, I believe this meets the need. Do you agree, or is an alternative approach required?

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