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Build directory name should recognise prof or debug qualifiers

Added by Iker de Icaza Astiz over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Currently mrb creates a buildir with something similar to: build_slf7.x86_6

Hence, it makes no distinction wether it holds a prof or debug build. Given that you can't use the same objects interchangeably I suggest that the naming should make a distinction.


#1 Updated by Lynn Garren over 1 year ago

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Herb, how useful would this be? You still need a matching localProducts directory. I find it helpful to simply make subdirectories for each qualifier set (e17:debug, etc.) and use mrb newDev -T to put the build and localProducts both there. Would that work for your use case?

#2 Updated by Lynn Garren over 1 year ago

Oops, sorry for the name confusion Iker.

#3 Updated by Iker de Icaza Astiz over 1 year ago

Hi Lynn, I actually already use the -T option to separate my source directory from the build and localProducts.

I understand that having a specific subfolder for prof and debug would be a solution, however this imposes a structure that's not evident to the user. Without knowing better, it's natural to assume that the build directory can work for prof and debug. Specially given the fact the fact that the localProduct folder does make a distinction and that even the build folder name distinguishes for the OS architecture.

My suggestion is only to avoid conflicts. It's only to avoid a silly mistake that could arise from, the seemingly innocent, decision to have prof and debug builds on the same place.

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