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Genie v3_00_04_ub1 and nutools v2_27_05a

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MicroBooNE requests a new version of genie, v3_00_04_ub1. This version of genie is based on a private clone of the genie github repo belonging to Steven Gardiner. Here are the urls of the github repos and branch uboone_be.

The new version of genie should be built off the heads of branch uboone_be. There should eventually be a tag v3_00_04_ub1 in both repos (doesn't exist yet).

This version of genie will eventually be needed for two new mcc9 larsoft production releases:

mcc 9.0: Current larsoft base release v08_05_00_06.
mcc 9.1: Current larsoft base release v08_05_00_10.

The new larsoft production releases will probably be named v08_05_00_06a and v08_05_00_11.

We (MicroBooNE) can build the larsoft releases ourselves, but we need scisoft/larsoft to build new versions of nutools. The current versions of nutools corresponding to these larsoft releases are v2_27_04 and v2_27_05. The only difference between these two versions of nutools are the dependent versions of nusimdata (v1_15_04 vs. v1_15_05) and dk2nugenie (v01_07_02g vs. v01_08_00), and indirectly dk2nudata (v01_07_02 vs. v01_08_00).

We think we can live with having one new version of nutools, which obviously should be branched off the newer version of nutools, v2_27_05. The genie dependence comes in via dk2nugenie, which would also need a new branched version off v01_08_00.


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#2 Updated by Steven Gardiner over 1 year ago

The v3_00_04_ub1 tags have been added to both repositories. I recommend just checking out the tag for simplicity, but the heads of the uboone_be branches are both even with the tag.

#4 Updated by Lynn Garren over 1 year ago

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nulite v2_27_06 is now available. The nulite v2_27_06 distribution bundle contains:
  • nutools v2_27_06
  • dk2nugenie v01_08_00_ub1
  • genie v3_00_04_ub1

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