Bug #23575

Instance name in services.RecoDrawingOptions.WireModuleLabels

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I am encountering the same issue Gianluca reported a while ago: #10538. This has become a real problem rather than just an annoyance.

In the protodune event display fcl file evd_protoDUNE_data.fcl we have the following configuration:

services.RecoDrawingOptions.WireModuleLabels: ["caldata", "digitwire", "wclsdatasp:gauss", "caldata:dataprep"]

This is needed because different production files save recob::Wires with different module names.

Running this fcl file on a reconstructed file displays the event (including wire signal) correctly. However, if we want to make any changes (e.g. disable drawing tracks) in the event display, the following error comes up and any changes will be ignored:

%MSG-e ServiceTable:  PostProcessPath end_path 10-Nov-2019 14:44:45 CST  run: 5809 subRun: 1 event: 4503 ServiceTable.cxx:86
Error parsing the new configuration:
---- Parse error BEGIN
  detected at or near line 65, character 47, of file "-" 

---- Parse error END

Re-configuration has been ignored for service: RecoDrawingOptions

To reproduce this problem, one can run

lar -c evd_protoDUNE_data.fcl xroot://

Click on the "Reconstructed" radio button on the bottom and the event is correctly display.

Then do Edit->Configure Drawing->RecoDrawingOptions. Make any change, for example, change "DrawTracks" from 3 to 0, hit enter so the number turns black and then click "Apply".


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We will investigate.

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The problem is understood. There was insufficient protection of FHiCL values under reconfiguration. This has been fixed with commit nuevdb:224af8d7.

#4 Updated by Lynn Garren 21 days ago

This fix is in nuevdb v1_01_01

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