Bug #23566

Lots of error messages at end of 2nd run with head of artdaq develop branch

Added by Kurt Biery 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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I noticed this when attempting to validate Issue 23517 (but I believe that this issue is unrelated).

Basically, the issue is that when I run the artdaq-demo on mu2edaq13 with run_demo and "--runs 2" (mediumsystem_with_routing_master), I see a lot of complaints in the MessageViewer about events already having been released to art, at the end of the second run.

I believe that this is happening both with e15-s67 and e17-s83.

I've reproduced it both with the head of the develop branch in artdaq, and with the bugfix/23516_RootDAQOut_RemoveLogFileAction branch in artdaq. The artdaq-demo areas that I've used have been based on artdaq v3_06_02.

The command that I've been using to run the test is the following:
  • 'sh ./ --config mediumsystem_with_routing_master --bootfile `pwd`/artdaq-utilities-daqinterface/simple_test_config/mediumsystem_with_routing_master/boot.txt --comps component01 component02 component03 component04 component05 component06 component07 component08 component09 component10 --runduration 120 --partition 0 --no_om --runs 2'


#1 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt 9 months ago

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I believe this issue has arisen as a consequence of the fix for #23045. The released_events_ set was not being cleared at the start/end of runs, allowing entries from a previous run to disrupt the current one.

Patch on artdaq:bugfix/23566_SMEM_ClearReleasedEventsList

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I have verified the fix in an artdaq-demo system on mu2edaq13 using the mediumsystem_with_routing_master sample config. The artdaq-demo software was based on artdaq v3_06_02.

I confirmed that the errors appear without the code change and do not appear with the code change.

I'll merge this code to develop and update the 'branches' page.

Thanks for the quick fix, Eric.

#4 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt 9 months ago

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