Bug #23431

Possible issue with private-network bookkeeping (DAQInterface) on the protoDUNE DAQ cluster

Added by Kurt Biery over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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When trying to take data at protoDUNE with dune-artdaq software based on e17:s83 and the latest DAQInterface v3_00_07e, I found that data requests were not successfully being transmitted between EventBuilders and BoardReaders. Below, I've included the results of a "grep" for "multicast" in the run_records directory for the run in question.

I wonder if the problem is related to the fact that the BR computers only see the network, while the EB computers see both and

[np04daq@np04-srv-001 9868]$ date
Wed Oct 16 22:56:45 CEST 2019
[np04daq@np04-srv-001 9868]$ pwd
[np04daq@np04-srv-001 9868]$ grep multicast *
cob3_rce05.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob3_rce05.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob3_rce06.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob3_rce06.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob3_rce07.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob3_rce07.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob3_rce08.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob3_rce08.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob4_rce01.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob4_rce01.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob4_rce02.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob4_rce02.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob4_rce03.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob4_rce03.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob4_rce04.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob4_rce04.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob4_rce05.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob4_rce05.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
cob4_rce06.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
cob4_rce06.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""
EventBuilder11.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
EventBuilder3.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
timing_3.fcl: multicast_interface_ip: ""
timing_3.fcl: table_update_multicast_interface: ""

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Revision 3b3ddf39 (diff)
Added by John Freeman over 1 year ago

JCF: Issue #23431: when checking for a boardreader's request mode, don't assume the value is enclosed in quotes


#1 Updated by John Freeman over 1 year ago

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The issue is resolved via the one and only commit on bugfix/23431_fix_private_network_bookkeeping, 3b3ddf39cb9e2275ed83783c04b3f30bc020933e. Basically, there was a line in bookkeeping intended to determine whether boardreaders were receiving requests or not:

res ="\n\s*request_mode\s*:\s*\"%s\"" % (token), procinfo.fhicl_used)

which was missing the case where the request mode value wasn't surrounded with quotes (e.g., request_mode: window instead of request_mode: "window"). So the new line is:
res ="\n\s*request_mode\s*:\s*\"?%s\"?" % (token), procinfo.fhicl_used)

i.e., the added question marks make the quotes optional.

On the ProtoDUNE cluster, the repo /nfs/sw/.artdaq-utilities-daqinterface currently is at the aforementioned commit. For testing, to use it instead of a tagged DAQInterface, in your favorite /nfs/sw/artdaq/DAQInterface/source_me[0-6] file just change

setup artdaq_daqinterface v3_00_07e
#. /nfs/sw/artdaq/DAQInterface2/

#setup artdaq_daqinterface v3_00_07e
. /nfs/sw/artdaq/DAQInterface2/

#2 Updated by John Freeman over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Reviewed

Kurt's tested this bugfix branch successfully on the ProtoDUNE cluster, so I'm marking the issue as Reviewed.

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