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Node down errors from aliased acnet nodes since erlang dpm shutdown

Added by Dennis Nicklaus over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Probably since the Erlang DPMs were shut down, ACNET returns [1 -42] (ACNET_NODE_DOWN) errors for devices from the aliased acnet nodes for CLX58. There are several (CMLRFA, CMLRFB, CMLRFC, CMLRFD, and STCLRF) nodes which are aliased to CLX58 (CLX58E?). What had previously worked was for the Erlang front-end to just run as the default node CLX58, not the normal CLX58E. That let things work. Now, we get 1 -42 errors both from the aliased node devices (e.g. T:1LQID, T:SQSYID) and from devices which are on CLX58E itself (e.g. U:GRWD8A, T:CDLPCC).

When we run the Erlang front-end as default node CLX58E, the devices assigned to it (U:GRWD8a) work, but the others (aliases) still don't ([1 -42] errors).

Rich suggests that having Charlie restart the consolidating java node will clear this. But that seems like a non-ideal temporary solution.


#1 Updated by Richard Neswold over 1 year ago

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Just a comment to add: the forwarding-requests-to-the-default-node feature was a hack to get OACs to work with virtual nodes. This feature wasn't advertised because it was never intended to be permanent. Charlie has been slowly moving the Java world over to acnetd and when that's complete, this feature was to go away.

The better, long-term solution is to break your front-end into five. The mk_acsysfe script would make this easy to do.

#2 Updated by Denise Finstrom over 1 year ago

A temporary fix was made to the acnet startup script to restore the default node fallback behavior on clx58.

#3 Updated by Richard Neswold about 1 year ago

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So do I close out this issue? Is there a more permanent solution in the works?

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