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Combine pdune_swtrig and pdune_swtrig_noRM sample configurations into one

Added by Kurt Biery about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Currently, we have two (similar) configurations in artdaq-utilities-daqinterface/simple_test_config: pdune_swtrig and pdune_swtrig_noRM.

The first one was a stepping stone toward the second one, and I believe that the first one has now become obsolete. (A few more details: the first one had both a DFO and a RoutingMaster. The DFO and the SWTrig BR were in one artdaq subsystem, and the RM and the rest of the BRs and the EBs were in a second subsystem. In this model, the DFO's DataSendermanager got routing tables from the RM.)

The second config has the preferred model of demonstrating the software trigger at protoDUNE. It uses no RoutingMaster. The DFO receives the free-buffer tokens from the EventBuilders, and the Data Requests that are sent from the EventBuilders to the BoardReaders contain the destination to which each fragment should be sent.

I propose to combine these two configs into a new "pdune_swtrig_DFO" config, and I'll do this work, hopefully soon. This change shouldn't affect any existing development or integration testing, but I wanted to file this Issue to share information about this change.

Please note that the pdune_swtrig_noRM config only works with artdaq and artdaq_utilities code which is available on working/22353_protoDFO_* branches. And the new pdune_swtrig_DFO sample config will also only work with the code that has the full set of DFO-related changes (see Issue 22535).


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I have committed the change to a branch named "feature/23173_combine_configs" in the artdaq-utilities-daqinterface repository. This branch was created from the head of the "develop" branch as it existed today, 04-Sep-2019.

I've confirmed that the merged configuration area (pdune_swtrig_DFO) gives the same results as the earlier pdune_swtrig_noRM config area when run in the artdaq demo.
I added a few features to the new config area, such as enabling the (metric) reporting of Empty and Missing fragments with the FragmentWatcher module in the event builders.

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Only changes to simple_test_config. This simple_test_config requires RoutingNetOutput, which is currently not available in artdaq, so the string "pdune_swtrig" will remain in artdaq-demo:tools/ ignoredConfigs regex.

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