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Move MI-20 devices on MI4 to MI2

Added by Richard Neswold 27 days ago. Updated 21 days ago.

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In preparation for upcoming construction, we are moving all crates in MI-20 from the MI4 link to MI2's. All devices in crates $20, $21, $22, $23, $24, and $25 need their owning node to be changed to MI2.


#1 Updated by Richard Neswold 27 days ago

The DABBEL script is ready. It's in my account on the CLX machines in mi4-to-mi2/updated/all.dab. I also saved the original DABBEL files in case we need to back out the changes. While the DABBEL script is running, the MI4 and MI2 startup scripts need to be updated because MI2 will own MADC #s 1, 2, 3, 20, 28, 29, 30, and 35.

Device breakdown:

Crate # of Devices
$20 20
$21 303
$22 10
$23 124
$24 439
$25 383

For a total of 1,279 devices.

#2 Updated by Richard Neswold 21 days ago

Greg and Mike changed the links so the crates at MI20 are now on MI2. They tested the serial link as well as the block transfer link. Rich started the DABBEL file to transfer the devices to the MI2 front-end.

#3 Updated by Richard Neswold 21 days ago

The DABBEL script finished without errors. The MCR is rebooting MI2 and MI4.

#4 Updated by Richard Neswold 21 days ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Closed

Both front-ends have been rebooted so the transfer to MI2 is complete.

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