Bug #23045

Confusing error from event builder when too many fragments are returned

Added by Philip Rodrigues 8 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Running on ProtoDUNE SP with artdaq version v2019_07_17_protoDFO_pduneHacks, I inadvertently set generated_fragments_per_event in one of the fragment generators to 1 when it should have been 2. There are 10 instances of this board reader in my configuration.

The event builders timed out waiting for the correct number of fragments for each event, and printed the following slightly confusing message:

Active event 87 is stale. Scheduling release of incomplete event (missing 18446744073709551606 Fragments) to art

After a while, I realised that 18446744073709551606 is -10 interpreted as a uint64_t, but it would be nice to have the error message indicate a bit more clearly what has gone wrong.


#1 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt 6 months ago

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I have committed a fix to artdaq:bugfix/23045_SMEM_HandleTooManyFragments. The key here was that SMEM did not consider the possibility that more fragments could be received than declared in the configuration. I have added test cases to SharedMemoryFragmentManager_t which illustrate the problem.
I also have included checks in SharedMemoryEventManager which check for already-released events when allocating a buffer, and automatically discards data for events which have already been released (this was already in place for incomplete events, but not complete ones).

#2 Updated by John Freeman 6 months ago

I've confirmed that if I cherry-pick commit 541d65dee6b40c5ee7e6baf51c598091ade92732 from bugfix/23045_SMEM_HandleTooManyFragments onto develop, and then run "mrb t", that the SharedMemoryFragmentManager_t test fails. I've also confirmed that if I rebuild from the head of bugfix/23045_SMEM_HandleTooManyFragments (0a1b812afa1f4d2562648b64a53c89d3783572ee) the test passes. I've also been performing runs (cluck:/home/jcfree/run_records/11) where I've played around with having expected_fragments_per_event in the eventbuilder not fully account for the # of fragments per event coming from the ToySimulator, but haven't (yet) been able to recreate what Phil was seeing back on August 2.

#3 Updated by John Freeman 6 months ago

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I performed a run on mu2edaq01 (/home/jcfree/run_records/3013) which used the head of artdaq's develop branch, and where I used two ToySimulators, one in push mode producing one fragment per event, one in window mode producing two fragments per event...but with generated_fragments_per_event set only to "1" so that after DAQInterface's bookkeeping the eventbuilder expected two total fragments per event rather than three. Sure enough, the eventbuilder log file was chock full of:

Active event 3 is stale. Scheduling release of incomplete event (missing 1 Fragments) to art.

Now, in run 3014 (/home/jcfree/run_records/3014), I switched over to the head of bugfix/23045_SMEM_HandleTooManyFragments, and with everything else the same I wound up with messages like:

Event 1 has already been completed and released to art! Check configuration for inconsistent Fragment count per event!

instead of the "Active event <N> is stale" type messages.

Between this and the SharedMemoryFragmentManager_t test working, I consider this issue reviewed.

#4 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt 5 months ago

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