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Dom Brailsford 7:45 AM
basically I want a quick way of swapping from scratch dcache to tape_backed_dcache
mengel 7:47 AM
If you make a global.output_root in your config and use %(output_root)s in your destination paths, you can switch them all with Oglobal.output_root
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Dom Brailsford 7:48 AM
That was kind of my original plan, but I was wondering if there was something more user friendly
I'm thinking of cases where someone else starts running jobs and isn't familiar with the workflow (edited)
mengel 7:53 AM
Well... If we're thinking sort of feature request... we could make something that string-replaces all the output destination paths...
Rather than an override, it does a substitution...
Like -Rjob_output*.dest:s{pnfs/experiment/scratch}{pnfs/experiment/tape1} or something...
Dom Brailsford 7:55 AM
I think having stages that inherit from other stages would work for this and be easy enough to use. Would something like that be do-able?
mengel 7:56 AM
Maybe: we'd have to pick a syntax to indicate it... would it make more sense to you to be:
Dom Brailsford 7:58 AM
I guess the first one as the second one kind of implies the inheritance is a parameter
mengel 8:00 AM
I think that would be fairly easy to code up -
although we'd have to get the chained inheritance right...and of course multiple inheritance (once you have it, people will start leaning on the lever)

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rough draft of adding parent stages/inheritance per issue #23032


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