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Create dynamic pages serving the Glideins stdout, stderr and included content

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From the preliminary observation seems that
The factory stores Glidein log files in a directory tree starting at /var/log/gwms-factory/client/
The tree has a folder per Frontend user, each with a folder per Factory ID.
These folders have multiple folders named entry_AAA, each with the log files for the Glideins sent to the corresponding AAA entry.
These include HTCondor logs (condor_activity... , one per day) and the stdout and stderr from the Glideins (job.NNN.MM.out and .err, where NNN and MM are the condor cluster and process ID for the job, a counter always incremented for a given schedd, so one entry will have non-consecutive unique numbers)
stdout/err contain structured information including the results of tests, Unix environment, and the HTCondor log files
Tools to extract the condor logs are in GWMS: factory/tools/,,, cat_... ,

The tree should be copied in a new location to avoid crowding the Factory drive and because the factory periodically purges the files.
Compression of the stdout/err files seems effective and should be considered (e.g tar.gz files with stdout/err from a job could be created)
The de-compression and decoding of the stdout/err files should happen client-side to keep low the server load
The files should be served in a secure way, e.g. authenticating the users with the x509 certificates, username/password or SSO.

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The tree should be copied in a new location to avoid crowding the Factory drive and because the factory periodically purges the files.

With this you mean rsync to another machine, right? Because IMHO rsynch to a new location on the same machine just creates overload.

#3 Updated by Marco Mambelli 3 months ago

An initial version of the system is in GitHub:
And here attached 2 files provided by Thomas with a description of the system and a summary of the activity on this ticket:
  • GlideinWMS Monitoring Dashboard - Deployment.pdf
  • Summer 2019 Summarization.pdf

The current version implements most of the initial requests, it is not including authentication.
Thomas and Marco also participated in a SpinUp workshop testing a deployment at NERSC on Spin

Some next steps:
  • moving in the FNAL git repo:
    git clone --mirror
    cd FactoryMonitoringIndex
    git remote add new ssh://
    git push --mirror new
  • add a GlideinMonitor/glideinmonitor repo on github in the GlideinWMS group
  • Fix the one container demo for Spin (all self contained, including a log sample)
    • Fix authentication on the current version
  • Prapare the multi-container demo on Spin (NFS space, web server/app, updater, DB)
  • reorganize the folders in the repo to include Dockerfiles and orchestration

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