Bug #22820

Quotation is not preserved for fhicl strings in sequences.

Added by Gennadiy Lukhanin 5 months ago. Updated 21 days ago.

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Optional quotations around fhicl strings in sequences are missing in known_boardreaders_list.fcl after it is exported from the database. This is a bug in the export procedure.


#1 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 5 months ago

Git branch: bug/22820_missing_quotation

Added unit tests test/DataFormats/Fhicl/fcl2dbjson/test003/test013.fcl and test/DataFormats/Fhicl/fcl2dbjson/test003/test014.fcl

Testing procedure: run automated unit tests after the build.

The following tests are expected to fail on mu2edaq11:
113 - MongoFhicl_search1_002_t (Failed)
130 - UcondJson_insert_001_t (Failed)
131 - UcondJson_update_003_t (Failed)
132 - UcondJson_search2_004_t (Failed)

#2 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 5 months ago

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#3 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 5 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

#4 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 5 months ago

Testing steps:
1. Open the buildmaster URL below in Firefox and authenticate with the CIlogin certificate.
2. Click on the "Build with parameters" link.
3. Change build parameters
a. set ARTDAQ_DATABASE_GITBRANCH to the "bug/22820_missing_quotation" branch,
b. set VERSION to v1_04_73.
4. Click on the "Build" button.
5. Wait for ~40 mins for the build to complete.
6. Go back to the artdaq_database page at
7. Move mouse over the green sphere, click on the arrow next to it and select the "Workspace" menu option.
8. Click on the "copyBack" folder icon.
9. Click on the "test_artdaq-databas.log" file and search for the "RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_013_t“ string.
10. Confirm that tests RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_013_t and RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_014_t have succeeded.

#5 Updated by Ron Rechenmacher 5 months ago

Are steps 7 through 10 suppose to be repeated 44 times? It would be nice if that were explicitly indicated.

#6 Updated by Ron Rechenmacher 5 months ago

The 8 e15 log files show "pass" for the 2 tests.

#7 Updated by Ron Rechenmacher 5 months ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Reviewed

change to reviewed based on the "Passed" indication of two new tests. E.g.:
Start 98: RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_013_t
98/219 Test #98: RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_013_t ............... Passed 0.03 sec
Start 99: RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_014_t
99/219 Test #99: RoundConvert_Fhicl2DBJson_014_t ............... Passed 0.03 sec

#8 Updated by Gennadiy Lukhanin 21 days ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
  • Status changed from Reviewed to Closed

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