Bug #22746

OpenSSL error while attempting to trigger an integration test

Added by Gianluca Petrillo almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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In a MRB development environment with:

  • larsim (LARSOFT_SUITE_v08_22_00-1-ga641ea86)
  • icaruscode (v08_14_00-87-g9163b82, updated to use LArSoft v08_22_00)

set up with mrbsetenv (and compiled), running from

trigger --build-delay 0 --revisions 'larsim@feature/gp_PhotonVisTransformations'

I get a "Triggering CI build" message and no integration test starts (I don't get any e-mail).
A modified, more verbose trigger script prints:
curl: (58) could not load PEM client certificate, OpenSSL error error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory, (no key found, wrong pass phrase, or wrong file format?)

10 times before giving up announcing "trigger of CI build failed".

lar_ci version is the current one (v3_6_0).


#1 Updated by Vito Di Benedetto almost 2 years ago

  • Target version set to v1_9_0_RC
  • Assignee set to Vito Di Benedetto
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Since couple of mounts ago jobsub_client included a curl as dependency:

$ ups depend jobsub_client
jobsub_client v1_2_10 -f NULL -z /cvmfs/ -g current
|__cigetcert v1_18_1 -f Linux64bit+2.6-2.12 -z /cvmfs/ -g current
|  |__cigetcertlibs v1_1 -f Linux64bit+2.6-2.12 -z /cvmfs/
|__curl v7_64_1 -f Linux64bit+2.6 -z /cvmfs/ -g current

it looks like this curl version is not compatible with the CI.

I'll work on this to ensure the CI can use this curl version.

#2 Updated by Vito Di Benedetto almost 2 years ago

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#3 Updated by Vito Di Benedetto almost 2 years ago

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This issue has been fixed.
The trigger command now should be able to use curl from the system and from CVMFS as well.

The fix is available in the develop branch on generic_ci product and it will be available in the new CI release that will be deployed on early July.

#4 Updated by Vito Di Benedetto over 1 year ago

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