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Pull Jobsub group and global superusers from FERRY

Added by Shreyas Bhat about 1 year ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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FERRY folks have told us that it (and the SNOW workflows) are nearly ready for services to use the APIs to pull superusers from there. Once the blocking tickets (to be linked) are finished, use the FERRY API to pull jobsub superusers (called BatchSuperusers in FERRY-speak) for experiments.

The API call will look something like this for an experiment:

And like this for the global (one of the linked tickets is to change "global" in the URL to "_global"):

In addition, before calling this done, make sure to document the proper procedure to add superusers in the jobsub wiki (subtask linked):


Feature #22734: Document changes to jobsub superusersNew

Feature #23755: Review request [commit:2e9f5980a1fe3fb02d4e5f6266201cd52452fb48: Fixed a couple of bugs in first implementation of superusers from FERRY]ClosedDennis Box


#2 Updated by Shreyas Bhat about 1 year ago

Global superuser value changed to groupname=_global in FERRY

#4 Updated by Shreyas Bhat 12 months ago

Linked the blocking issue from FERRY - there's no point in making this change when the API output will change. We'll just do this after FERRY's standardized its output.

#5 Updated by Shreyas Bhat 11 months ago

Note that the API output from FERRY will change:

Make sure we're looking at the json["ferry_output"]. API structure is now:

"ferry_output": {stuff},
"ferry_status": "success|failure",
"ferry_error": [list of errors]

Can use to test (normal is :8443)

#6 Updated by Shreyas Bhat 11 months ago

Another note from Bruno: Check ferry_error to make sure we actually successfully got the info

#7 Updated by Shreyas Bhat 8 months ago

  • Assignee set to Shreyas Bhat

#8 Updated by Shreyas Bhat 8 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Work in progress

I think I have this mocked up. Committed to branch 22733 and will test tomorrow.

#9 Updated by Shreyas Bhat 8 months ago

  • Due date set to 12/11/2019

due to changes in a related task: #23755

#10 Updated by Shreyas Bhat 8 months ago

  • Status changed from Work in progress to Feedback

Had to fix a couple bugs. I believe it's working now. Submitted review request to Dennis.

#11 Updated by Dennis Box 7 months ago

  • Target version set to v1.3.2

#12 Updated by Dennis Box 3 months ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved

merged to master

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