Bug #22654

(RunCodeWithSysFluxUniverses = True) vs EffPurityHists

Added by Mateus Carneiro da silva over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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daughter package used to notice the bug: CCQENu1DME

location of ntuples used: /pnfs/minerva/persistent/users/drut1186/HopefullyFinalMateusTuples/
location of histograms that contain the bug: /pnfs/minerva/persistent/users/mateusc/CCQENu_v21r1p1_Pub_May2019_NEWMuonEnergySys_YESSysFluxUniverses_CV/

version of CCQENuUtils.cxx: 1.60
version of EffPurityHists.cxx: 1.7
version of FluxReweighter: 1.32

New version of FluxReweighter seem to have problem with EffPurityHists. A segmentation fault happens after what seems to be the first event to access GetSysUniFluxWeight. The error is quite similar to the one seem in MuonEventSelection before GetSysUniFluxWeight had a protection against anti-nu events added. The Segfault is added in the attached files.

EffPurity Hists Bug.txt (6.96 KB) EffPurity Hists Bug.txt Mateus Carneiro da silva, 05/29/2019 04:30 PM


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#2 Updated by Daniel Ruterbories over 1 year ago

Mateus and I looked at this this morning (5/30/2019).

First I tested this code against 2DLE with the correlations turned on against the first file in 1B. It passed.
Mateus make clean and tried again. Failed
I check out his package in my CCQENu area and run against hist code, 1B first file. Passes.
I check out clean area, grabbing HEAD of Ana/CCQENu, Ana/CCQENu1DME, Ana/PlotUtils. Build and run 1B first file. Passes.

Mateus is rightfully worried this is an odd event causing the issue. He runs the first file for 1B and I run all of 1L. Mine passes his fails.

Conclusions so far is his working area has an issue in the build. The committed code works. He will continue to investigate.

#3 Updated by Daniel Ruterbories over 1 year ago

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OKAY. Root memory management is confusing.

Turned off the FluxConstraint in FluxReweighter (commented it out) and code crashes no matter the CCQENu configuration.

The FIX is when I pull the histogram out of the MUon_Energy.root file that you SetDirectory(0).

I hypothesize that the FluxConstraint has a TH1::AddDirectory(false) in it someplace which kills this memory management craziness. All the other macros Mateus ran seem to have the TH1::AddDirectory(false) in the main() function which also killed the craziness.

Anyways, the stupid SetDirectory fixes the issue for people crazy enough to not have AddDirectory(false) in their code. THIS BUG IS SQUASHED. I shall go home now.

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