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ART 2_12_01 with upgraded ROOT (past 6.12.06a)

Added by Jeremy Wolcott about 1 month ago. Updated 3 days ago.

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NOvA has found that a bug in ROOT 6.12.06a ( causes crashes in certain scenarios within our analysis code. That bug was fixed in subsequent releases of ROOT (6.12.08 and in the 6.14 series and beyond). If possible we'd request a build of the art 2_12 stack with a newer version of ROOT. Ideally the newest stable release of ROOT would be used (6.16.00), but if there are breaking changes hidden in there then we'd be content with 6.14 as well (6.12.06 is the last release in the 6.12 series, apparently).


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#1 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel about 1 month ago

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ROOT 6.16 is already provided through the art 3.02 series. What is the timeline for NOvA upgrading to art 3?

If that date is too far out in the future, then we would need to consider a new build of ROOT. Please advise.

#2 Updated by Jeremy Wolcott about 1 month ago

(Sorry about the lag here, was on vacation last week.)

We're still trying to figure out when an upgrade to art 3 meshes best with our very stringent analysis timeline. Likely the earliest we could reasonably be in a position to switch is sometime later in the summer (August?).

So, a new build of ROOT would be the best thing for us in the interim, since it's more or less a drop-in replacement we could use until we can make the art 3 switchover. Thanks for considering!


#3 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel about 1 month ago

In that case, we will pursue an art 2 release that uses ROOT 6.16.00. What is your timeline for needing the new art release? Note that you will also need a new release of GENIE, nutools, artdaq_core, and ifdh_art. Based on our experience, there may be breaking changes that you need to accommodate when upgrading to ROOT 6.16.

#4 Updated by Jeremy Wolcott about 1 month ago

Thanks! I'm not sure what usual turnaround time for an art release is like, but if it could be ready by June 10, that would mean folks would be around to use & test it (our summer collaboration meeting ends June 7). But obviously if it's easy to get done sooner than that, then we wouldn't complain (and would get the ball rolling on the other pieces as well).

#5 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel 28 days ago

Jeremy, is NOvA ready to upgrade from e15 (C++14) to e17 (C++17)? All of the ROOT 6.16/00 distributions we currently have require C++17.

#6 Updated by Jeremy Wolcott 27 days ago

Yes we are, but thanks for asking. :)

#7 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel 13 days ago

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art 2.13.00 has been tagged with ROOT 6.16/00. There are a few new versions of products that are required--these will be listed in the release notes page. A distribution has yet to be created.

Note that this release uses C++17 only.

#8 Updated by Jeremy Wolcott 10 days ago

Great! Thanks! We look forward to the whole bundle :)

#9 Updated by Lynn Garren 9 days ago

The art v2_13_00 distribution is now available. This does not yet include a gallery distribution. I am opening a new, related, ticket for the nu distribution.

#10 Updated by Lynn Garren 9 days ago

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#11 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel 3 days ago

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