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Use of Python constructs when possible to help context managers to properly manage resources.

Added by Lorena Lobato Pardavila 5 months ago. Updated 29 days ago.

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We can improve the performance (and reduce code) with the with Statement and Context Managers when files are being managed.
Currently, close() is called on every file opened, and some times the file is in a function that may raise an exception or has multiple return paths, using for this try...except.
We could use 'with' statement that clarifies code that previously would use try...finally blocks to ensure all resources we use are properly cleaned up, regardless of if the code returns or an exception is thrown: context managers.
For example:

    # old file exists, check if same content
    fl = open(fname, 'r')
        old_data =

We could do :

with open(fname,'r') as fl

and not needed to close the files and the block is calling it automatically.

To DO: Review the code and do the replacement where this case is satisfied.

Note: It works with open(). But not with as it is just a wrapper for the lower-level POSIX syscall. It returns the file descriptor (a number) that represents the opened file and not a file object: so we cannot use it in this case.


Support #23166: Apply the TODOs from #22470 related to "with statement" compatibility NewLorena Lobato Pardavila


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  • Target version set to v3_5

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#4 Updated by Lorena Lobato Pardavila 3 months ago

Most of the changes were straightforward but there are two cases that we must have in consideration.

  1. Some parts of the changes are using file() [built-in constructor] instead of open().


            fd=file(tmpname, "a")
            if nr_credentials>0:

Basically, works the same way and open has been the canonical way to open a file (and hence create a file instance) for a long time, even on Python 2.x. As the documentation states it's preferable to use open() instead of invoking this constructor directly. So, when doing the changes for "with statement" , I propose to replace file() by open() at the same time.

  1. The other part to have in consideration is when catching exceptions, especially they are nested.

#5 Updated by Lorena Lobato Pardavila 2 months ago

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it turned out that a lot of files have been changed requiring a deep review (some of the replacement are tricky and it might need discussion) from a caring soul 😊 .

I have proposed to review all the files in the next code review exposing the changes that I made and discuss them. Otherwise, if someone volunteers, I will assign the ticket to him for feedback.

#6 Updated by Lorena Lobato Pardavila about 2 months ago

  • Target version changed from v3_5_1 to v3_5_2

After discussion, this will be reviewed in the next code review. It will be around mid- August

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  • Due date set to 08/23/2019

due to changes in a related task: #23166

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