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Simplification and reduction of the code related to how directories are being managed

Added by Lorena Lobato Pardavila 5 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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I saw we can reduce the code with the removal of clientDirSupport and chmodDirSupport and replace it by the classes from cWDictFile: simpleDirSupport and chmodDirSupport, respectively. This is because since we no longer need the user for privilege separation and, after removing not needed code, we can call the parent class directly. Here, an overview:

class clientDirSupport(cWDictFile.simpleDirSupport)
         • Inherits from cWDictFile.simpleDirSupport
         • It’s being passed by parameter to chmodClientDirSupport and being instantiated there.

class chmodCLientDirSupport(clientDirSupport)
        • Receives clientDirSupport (it can be replaced by simpleDirSupport)
         • It will be passed to clientProxiesDirSupport

To do: Remove the unnecessary classes and update clientLogDirSupport and clientProxiesDirSupport with the new classes

To keep in mind: already baseClientDirSupport and clientSymLink are inhering from the respectively classes in cWDictFile (cWDictFile.multiSimpleDirSupport). BUT, the problem here is in baseClientDirSupport, which will create the user base directory, using the function that I’d like to remove – cliendDirSupport. It’s being passed as a parameter for the function that supports create_dir and delete_dir in class dirsSupport (used for many directories creation).


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