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Please provide Geant4 v4_10_5_p01 builds

Added by Krzysztof Genser over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Please build all the variants of Geant4 v4_10_5_p01
built recently for Geant4 v4_10_4_p03

The patch is available from the download area:
The release notes are available at:


#1 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel over 1 year ago

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#2 Updated by Lynn Garren over 1 year ago

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The SLF e17 builds of geant4 v4_10_5_p01 are now available from SciSoft

We have used qt v5_12_3 which is only available for SLF7.

#3 Updated by Lynn Garren over 1 year ago

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#4 Updated by Raymond Culbertson over 1 year ago

The idea was to plug this version into our existing releases.
This means it has to be built with our current CLHEP, v2_3_4_6.

I also see that xerces_c has changed, but I think only geant cares about
that, so I think that's OK, but experts should comment.
I think the same applies to the qt version, though again,
experts should comment.

I think we could also potentially rebuild our current
art (v2_12_01) consistent with the newer this CLHEP.

#5 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel over 1 year ago

We will not provide a distribution of Geant 4.10.5 that is built with CLHEP 2.3. Geant 4.10.5's release notes states that CLHEP is required (see the link Krzysztof provided)--and Lynn has provided a build that meets that requirement.

At this point, we recommend that Mu2e place every effort upgrading to art 3.02, which is compatible with Geant 4.10.5. Due to the SciSoft team's highly constrained effort, we strongly prefer to not produce an art 2.12 series with CLHEP 2.4. We ask Mu2e to discuss among themselves what the best path forward is, and then please get back to us.

#6 Updated by Lynn Garren about 1 year ago

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