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NOvA Request for Stable GENIE Release

Added by Thomas Warburton 14 days ago. Updated 1 day ago.

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I understand that the stable version of GENIE v03.04 (or whatever minor release it ends up being) isn't available yet, and is still at least a week or two away. However, I wanted to create a ticket in preparation for when it becomes available.

NOvA will want to start using it produce Monte Carlo samples at the earliest opportunity. Therefore once you get the stable version built we would ask that you make a new nutools version for NOvA which relies on it.

Thanks in advance!


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#2 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 days ago

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Genie v3_00_04 is tagged. We have an accompanying nutools release with art v3_01_02. Will you require a nutools release? With which version of art?

#3 Updated by Thomas Warburton 10 days ago

Sorry for not being clear.

We are currently using nutools v2_28_01, which depends on art v2_12_01 and ROOT v6_12_06a. I don't think that we have any reason to change either of these dependencies.

We therefore would like to request a new nutools built against art v2_12_01 and ROOT v6_12_06a, which relies on GENIE v3_00_04.
I will wait for Robert to confirm whether we also want the new version of dk2nu.

#4 Updated by Thomas Warburton 8 days ago

Hi Lynn,

We're still waiting to hear back from Robert about dk2nu.

To help with NOvA's internal planning, how long do you think that it would take to cut a new nutools release?
For example, if we get you a decision by the end of today what are the chances that there will be a new nutools release by the end of the week?


#5 Updated by Lynn Garren 8 days ago

The highest priority project right now is getting larsoft out the door with art v3_02_04. That said, there is a chance of getting started tomorrow, but you are probably looking at early next week.

#6 Updated by Lynn Garren 8 days ago

Just spoke with Robert who says to go ahead with the latest dk2nu, although you may not need the changes. At least that will keep you up to date.

#7 Updated by Thomas Warburton 8 days ago

Sounds great, thanks Lynn! Sorry I couldn't get hold of him yesterday.

Do you need any other information before proceeding with the tag?


#8 Updated by Lynn Garren 7 days ago

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The nu v2_28_02 distribution with nutools v2_28_02, dk2nugenie v01_07_02g, genie v3_00_04, genie_phyopt v3_00_04, and genie_xsec v3_00_04 is now available. The e15 build is complete. The c2 build is in progress and will be available later tonight.

It turned out to be easier and faster to use dk2nugenie v01_07_02g, which was already available.

Please note that the genie_xsec qualifiers are now G1802a00000-k250-e100. Other options are available at

#9 Updated by Lynn Garren 7 days ago

Sigh. ppfx needs a new tag for dk2nugenie v01_07_02g.

#10 Updated by Thomas Warburton 3 days ago

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for getting the main body of the release put together so quickly and sorry for not saying so sooner!

It seems that our resident PPFX expert is on vacation, and so is unable to cut a new PPFX tag. I don't suppose that you would be able to cut a new tag depending on d2nugenie v01_07_02g for us would you?


#11 Updated by Alexander Himmel 3 days ago

Hi Lynn,

LArSoft release emails say "Ubuntu builds are available upon request." Does the same go for the NOvA nu bundle? Fine if it doesn't include TensorFlow -- I'd like this build in order to try to link novasoft against a natively installed TensorFlow. Obviously this is lower priority than getting the SL6 build in place.


#12 Updated by Lynn Garren 3 days ago

Yes, you can request an Ubuntu build. Ubuntu LTS 16? We haven't built anything for LTS 18 yet, so if you are requesting that it may take some time.

#13 Updated by Lynn Garren 3 days ago

A new distribution for nu v2_28_02a is now available at This distribution includes the newly tagged ppfx v02_06.

#14 Updated by Alexander Himmel 3 days ago

LTS 16 is great, thanks.

#15 Updated by Thomas Warburton 3 days ago

That is fantastic, thanks again Lynn!

#16 Updated by Lynn Garren 1 day ago

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An Ubuntu LTS 16 prof build is now available. I'm closing this ticket.

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