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Provide feedback to Larry Sliwa on eLog recommendation

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-- Email sent to Larry responding to eLog request --

Hi Larry,

Thanks for the update, this is great information with respect to the need for an eLog for communicating information. The FIT team had reviewed the request for the creation of an eLog last week, and our recommendation is that a zero priority work order would do the trick…here are our thoughts:

We currently have the zero priority webpage (link below), which is used to display zero priority work orders quickly. Personnel can choose to display work orders for the past 24, 48, or 72 hours. Therefore, when an incident occurs, it can be logged as a zero priority work order ticket using the mobile app or desktop, and it will display on this page immediately. Currently, to obtain more detail one can click on the WO Number link and see the actual ticket information. Any images, etc. that have been attached to the work order should also show up when clicking on the WO Number link within the list of zero priority tickets.

We can also modify the webpage to show additional information at a glance without clicking into the Work Order ticket, if needed.

The FIT team is assuming that the people entering the work order will be using the mobile app, so it should be easy to enter…similar to posting a blog. However, that does not mean that the FAMIS desktop client couldn’t also be used to enter the zero priority work order ticket. Either way, the tickets will show up on the web page.

Other possible solutions that were discussed for an eLog include:

- Working with AD to obtain a “FESS FM” eLog on the same AD site

- Survey 123, which is a web based form-centric application that allows for the capture of information of an event using a smart form. The tool enables rapid data collection with a predefined set of questions that use logic and provide answers, embedded audio and images/photos. Information can be tied to a location and analyzed over time to assist with determining patterns and predicting future events.

- Develop a custom eLog solution in-house which would be a web based application, much like that which is in-use by AD

Please review the recommended solution to determine if it will meet your requirements. If the recommended solution does not meet your requirements, then please review the other possible solutions to see if there is something that better suits the needs of your team.

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