Bug #22089

DAQInterface should allow for messagefacility overrides even if artdaq_mfextensions isn't available

Added by John Freeman about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Right now, both under pmt and direct process management, whether or not users can override/modify the default messagefacility FHiCL generated by artdaq is dependent on whether or not artdaq sees that artdaq_mfextensions is available when the DAQ setup script is sourced. However, even if artdaq_mfextensions isn't available (i.e., MsgViewer isn't in use), users may still want to perform overrides- e.g., limiting the rate of identical messages. The logic in DAQInterface should be altered so this is still possible even without artdaq_mfextensions.

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Revision 49581718 (diff)
Added by John Freeman about 2 years ago

JCF: satisfying Issue #22089, make sure it's possible to modify MessageFacility via FHiCL even without artdaq_mfextensions

Previously, it was the case that only if your DAQ setup script made
artdaq_mfextensions available would the MessageFacility modifications
in MessageFacility.fcl get passed to the artdaq processes. Now, this
happens regardless of whether artdaq_mfextensions is available; the
difference between the two cases is that if artdaq_mfextensions isn't
available, DAQInterface will replace the udp destinations table with a
comment saying "udp table for MsgViewer not used since artdaq_mfextensions not available"


#1 Updated by John Freeman about 2 years ago

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With commit 49581718de7138a1c66b80c181873fd90c58fd7b available on the feature/issue22089_support_no_mfextensions branch, edits to MessageFacility.fcl in the DAQInterface working directory (or, if the DAQINTERFACE_MESSAGEFACILITY_FHICL environment is set by someone, whatever file that variable points to) will make it to the artdaq processes' MessageFacility configuration regardless of whether the DAQ setup script makes artdaq_mfextensions available. Be aware that if artdaq_mfextensions isn't available, then the udp destinations table is automatically deactivated for the run, but that no other defenses exist against artdaq_mfextensions-reliant FHiCL code.

#2 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt about 2 years ago

Should there be an option to DAQInterface if you want to use an artdaq_mfextensions destination, but don't want to start mfviewer?

#3 Updated by John Freeman about 2 years ago

That feature's already available via the use_messageviewer option in the settings file (

#4 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt over 1 year ago

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Code reviewed and differential testing shows resolution of issue. Merging into develop.

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