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Request to migrate to root v6.16/00 to fix iorule problem

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MicroBooNE has been experiencing difficulty writing an iorule that would provide backwards compatibility for a change to the anab::ParticleID data product. The symptom of the problem is that a contained geo::PlaneID fails to be properly initialized when a legacy file is read in. Phillipe Canal traced the cause to a problem in root v6_12_06a, the version used in LArSoft v08_11_00 and in v08_05_04, the current MicroBooNE production release.

The problem is fixed in root versions v6.16/00, v6.14/08, and v6.12/08 (which is not yet released). As a work-around, MicroBooNE has foregone backwards compatibility of the ParticleID data product in their v8_05 series production releases for the time being, and has deferred updating the LArSoft develop branch with the new version of the ParticleID data product. These work-arounds will be dropped if LArSoft migrates to one the fixed root versions.

We (MicroBooNE) request that art/LArSoft migrate to root v6.16/00 at the earliest convenience. Any of the other versions would be acceptable if there were issues that prevented moving immediately to the most recent release.

This is presumably an art issue also, but starting it here.

Thank you!


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We will start the process of upgrading LArSoft to use art 3.02, which is built with ROOT 6.16.00.

If moving to art 3.02 is really not possible for production, we are able to produce an art 3.01 release that has a patched version of ROOT. We note, however, that this creates extra effort for the SciSoft team.

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larsoft v08_16_00 is now avaialable with art v3_02_04 and root v6_16_00.

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