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Request patch release larsoft v08_05_00_04

Added by Herbert Greenlee 10 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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MicroBooNE requests an mcc9 patch release larsoft v08_05_00_04, to be built using larsoft mcc9 branches v08_05_00_br. This release will eventually become the base for uboonecode v08_00_00_06 (built off branches v08_00_00_br).

This release should merge the following packages/branches.

larpandora: feature/asmith_ubooneMCC9_release_v08_05_00_br

larana: feature/kduffy_PIDupdate_v08_05_00_br

larreco: feature/herogers_SCE_mcc9_take2
larreco: feature/bb_trajcluster_mcc9
larreco: feature/tjyang_sps
larreco: feature/kduffy_PIDupdate_v08_05_00_br

larevt: feature/herogers_SCE_mcc9_take2

lardataobj: feature/kduffy_PIDupdate_v08_05_00_br

lareventdisplay: feature/kduffy_PIDupdate_v08_05_00_br


#1 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

  • Estimated time set to 16.00 h
  • Assignee set to Lynn Garren
  • Status changed from New to Assigned

#2 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

Please add Trajcluster fix - feature/bb_trajcluster_mcc9_fix from Feb. 21.

#3 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

It has been suggested that you may want to build with art v3_01_02, which has the bitset fix (#21865). This has been integrated into the upcoming larsoft v08_10_01 release. The only changes required were in the product_deps files. But those affect the entire larsoft suite.

You will need nutools v2_26_09, which is already on cvmfs. In addition the the larsoft suite, you will need artg4tk in MRB_SOURCE. larpandoracontent has no changes, but it does not hurt to build.

mrb g -b v8_05_00_br larsoft_suite
mrb g -b v8_05_00_br larsoftobj_suite
mrb g artg4tk 
mrb uv art v3_01_02
mrb uv nutools v2_26_09
mrb uv artdaq_core v3_04_10
mrb uv cetbuildtools  v7_11_00
mrb uv nusimdata v1_15_04
mrb uv gallery v1_11_02
mrb uv canvas_root_io v1_02_02
mrb uv ifdh_art v2_07_02

#4 Updated by Herbert Greenlee 10 months ago

Yes, we want to upgrade to art v3_01_02.

#5 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

If helpful, the SLF builds of larsoft v08_10_01 with art v3_01_02 are now available on cvmfs.

#6 Updated by Joseph Zennamo 10 months ago

Hi Lynn, do you have everything that you need from us? Or are you waiting on anything?

#7 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

Have everything we need from you. Working on the release.

#8 Updated by Joseph Zennamo 10 months ago

Excellent! Thank you very very much!

#9 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

All changes needed to use art v3_01_02 have been pushed to larsoft v08_05_00_br and uboone v08_00_00_br. The feature branches still need to be merged.

#10 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 80

Larsoft v08_05_00_04 is tagged. The SLF builds are available on SciSoft and cvmfs. The macOS builds will appear later today.

#11 Updated by Lynn Garren 10 months ago

  • % Done changed from 80 to 100
  • Status changed from Assigned to Resolved

The build of larsoft v08_05_00_04 is complete. It is available on SciSoft, cvmfs, and /grid/fermiapp/products/larsoft.

#12 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel 9 months ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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