Bug #21796

ps_lxi_driver problems with init -- undef

Added by Dennis Nicklaus about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Sorenson XG/SG Power Supply Driver
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Darren called me from NML saying they were having problems with the quad magnet power supply devices on N14/magnets/18 giving 57 -10 errors.
In the log, I find things were working fine until 28-Jan-2019::20:10:16 when this message appears in the log:

=WARNING REPORT==== 28-Jan-2019::20:10:16.467743 ===
ACNET handle 'SETS32@CLX30E' terminated -- {bad_return_value,not_unique_key}
=ERROR REPORT==== 28-Jan-2019::20:10:16.483250 ===
** State machine sets32 terminating 
** Last message in was {udp,#Port<0.175>, 
** When State == running
**      Data  == {state,
                         fun sets32_protocol:marshal_reply/1,
                         fun sets32_protocol:unmarshal_request/1},
                     #{11074 =>

(and a lot more state dumps out.)

Someone tried restarting clx30e 29-Jan-2019::13:08 but when it started, it just printed a series of messages like this:

=ERROR REPORT==== 29-Jan-2019::13:08:20.402756 ===
Driver 'ps_lxi_driver' threw an exception in init/1: 'undef'

Apparently the drivers couldn't start up properly.

It was after this point that Darren called me.
I restarted the frontend a second time at about 18:00 and it seems to be working fine.
Perhaps the driver couldn't connect to the supplies at the first restart and whatever hangup was preventing that cleared in the meantime?


#1 Updated by Richard Neswold about 2 years ago

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The driver starts a 15 second timer before trying to communicate with the power supply so I don't think communications was the problem. I'll look further into it.

The termination of the SETS32 handle is a little troubling because would imply a bug in Erlang's ACNET client library. Admittedly, it's a rare bug because I don't think I've seen it before. But rarely occurring bugs are hard to fix...

#2 Updated by Richard Neswold about 2 years ago

The second portion of the issue is that ps_lxi_driver:init/1 threw an undef exception which means it couldn't find a function. Unfortunately it doesn't tell us which one it was trying to call. Looking at the code, that particular function only calls queue_worker_start/0, proplists:get_value/2, proplists:get_value/3, and array:from_list/1.

queue_worker_start/0 is defined in the module, so that can't be a problem. The others are in the standard library and shouldn't be a problem unless the search path wasn't set up right.

I'd like to restart this front-end sometime using my new scripts because they do more error checking when they build the front-end and they set up the environment such that you know right away if code is missing.

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