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Add POMS campaign ID, Stage ID, Submission ID to SAM

Added by Yuyi Guo 5 months ago. Updated 6 days ago.

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A analysis user asked below features from project-py:

" Ideally, a metadata field indicating some sort of POMS campaign ID and submission ID should be added to files declared to SAM. Users should be able to look up that POMS campaign and submission in the POMS Web UI and find all the related information such as FHiCL files used, dataset processed etc.

Marc answered it from POMS:

We will need to put what Marc suggested in fife_launch config template.


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Peifei added these keys into Dune and uboone's sam DB. Will will update our templates to include them in the SAM.

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Code is all in, just need to be tested.

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Hi Pengfei,

You asked us to add POMS campaign and submission info into SAM metadata a while ago. So we created this issue and it is resolved now. A few weeks ago we also discussed if data generated by analysis jobs needed to be registered to SAM. I recalled the conclusion was no to most user cases. So I wonder if you were meant to register the production jobs' campaign and submission info to SAM while you asked? Could you clarify this? BTW, currently we have Project-py for analysis jobs.


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