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Create a POMS merger small root files campaign from XML

Added by Yuyi Guo 5 months ago. Updated 6 days ago.

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Using project-py convert this xml to create an POMS campaign that can merger small root file .

We may look at dune campaign mcc10_mergeana_nutau_Tingjun_POMS_API as an example for how physicist run this kind of jobs.


#1 Updated by Yuyi Guo 9 days ago

with "ifdh_art=True" in job_setup, multiple inputs will merge into single output, so this is done basically?

#2 Updated by Yuyi Guo 9 days ago

  • Target version set to v1_2_0

#3 Updated by Vito Di Benedetto 7 days ago

This is to handle the <targetsize> tag in LArBatch/ XML file.
This works for ntuples root output.
This feature checks the size of input files, then it calculates the number of jobs and number of files per job required to have the total input file size split in blocks of the size defined by the <targetsize> tag.
Then it uses the equivalent of ifdh_art=True to process multiple files.
This works because the size of ntuples root output is linear with good approximation.

#4 Updated by Yuyi Guo 6 days ago

Asked Tingjun and he confirmed that /dune/app/home/dunepro/MCC10-Production/BeamNeutrinoSamples/prodgenie_nutau_dune10kt_1x2x6.xml should work with latest release.

#5 Updated by Vito Di Benedetto 6 days ago

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