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Create an ACNET interface for NWA Omega PID temperature controllers

Added by Dennis Nicklaus about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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There are temperature controllers at NWA that have an ethernet interface. They have both an html/browser interface and they are supposed to support MODBUS/tcp.
AD Controls has taken steps to get a controls switch out to the location. We need to make erlang Modbus devices and have a front-end communicate with the controllers to get their readbacks into ACNET.


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Network connection request made 1/18/2019.
(But Steve's out of town, so it may be a few days.)

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I can connect to these devices using their TCP interface.
I have connected some of the Omega iSeries controllers at the NWA Oven to the controls network.

I'm able get input controllers


on the controls network. But #5 doesn't work very well. It replies to network pings, and will respond to a web browser interface. It feels "slow" when I interact with it via a web browser, and it won't return readings that can be used in Acnet, although it's configuration looks the same as the others.

Input #3 and Outputs 1&2 won't even respond to the local-to-NWA PC's web browser, so I haven't been able to move them to the controls network, and obviously I can't get Acnet readings for them. These have been in this state every time I have checked. I tried a couple easy things like a different switchport, but didn't get them to work. These are probably the ones where Mac was unable to get an IP address to change, so they've never worked. They probably still have their factory default IP address of but I didn't go verify that.

Other notes: None of the controllers that I put on the controls network match the MAC Addresses on the spreadsheet that James gave me dated 1/10/2018. They are completely different, not just moved around on the spreadsheet.

What Acnet devices I do have are on page M69/MUSEPTA/2. (Sorry if that is not the most appropriate place. It's the only place I found other NWA Acnet devices.)

No alarms or data logging has been set up for these devices yet.

The system experts will have to decide if having these 4 temperatures reading reliably is good enough for remote operations. Otherwise, as discussed, the solution for the other channels seems to be buying new controllers from Omega and swapping them in.

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