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Add abort submission button

Added by Marc Mengel over 2 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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If a launch is taking a long time, or the user pressed the button in error,an abort submission button on the launch page could let them recover:

From Liang Li / INC000001011592:

Outage/Incident details:
We recently had a few submissions that were submitted by mistake (e.g. duplicated submission or wrong parameters etc.), and one submission that was taking too long to finish (it got "stuck" when doing some pre-submission checks).
We think it would be good to add two functions on the campaign stage info page (e.g.
1. add an "abort submission" button after clicking the "Launch Campaign Stage Jobs Now" link to offer shifter the function to abort the submission (if it takes too long to finish the submission or the shifter realizes that the submission is wrong and needs to be aborted)..
2. add a "Kill running/idle Jobs for Specific Launch" link somewhere on the page, one place to place it could be below the "Recent Launch Outputs" where a link to "Kill running/idle jobs for this launch" can be inserted after each launch output.
Adding these two functions would be very helpful for running production shifts, thanks for considering!

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Added by Marc Mengel almost 2 years ago

first step towards issue #21612 -- make our process_id show up in the logfile...


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mostly coded up, needs testing. Need to make a submission script that sleeps for a while or somehting...

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