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ANNIE 2019 computing request for SCPMT

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This issue is to discuss the official request for ANNIE computing at Fermilab for 2019-2021.

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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2018 22:07:04 +0000
From: Margaret Votava <>
To: cs-liaison <>
Cc: scd_seniormgrs <>, Jon A Bakken <>
Subject: SCPMT 2019
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Dear Liaisons,


Based on the feedback we have had from the review committee, we are making several changes to the preparation material. Please
note the specifics in this email and notify your experiments and speakers/accordingly.


1. We are moving away from experiments filling out spreadsheets and having all experiments (whether or not presenting) prepare
a slide deck based on the following template [].
2. SCD will prepare a personalized deck for your experiment in the upcoming week with the most recent plots and tables updated
to the best of our knowledge. Please use that specific deck for your updates. FYI the source for the plots are here
3. Experiments must use this deck to both convey their requests AND for the presentations. Additional slides may be added to
the deck for any special needs or concerns you may have.
4. Final presentations are due by December 14th. Please post them in SCPMT sharepoint area. []
5. We are slightly shifting the annual reporting periods. All dates will now reflect Calendar Year and not Fiscal Year.
6. The experiments that are presenting are: dune, uboone, sbnd, icarus, nova, gm2, mu2e, cms des, lsst. The proposed schedule
in is indico []. Please let me know your presenters by December 14th.
7. Slide 13 is where we really want to hear where you see computing heading for your experiment over the next few years: where
are you focusing your efforts and where you need the division to focus ours.


This is also the opportunity to audit various pieces of information that the division knows about your experiment. Please
confirm in email by Dec 31st that this information is current

  • LIaison information in sharepoin []t. (this should be moving to SNOW sometime in the next year). * Members of <experiment>-support assignment group in SNOW. Should be able to find it in SNOW here [].



Also note that the FIFE workshop is Jan 17th. The division will have had time to process your requests and feedback to you at
this time any concerns that we have as a division wrt to meeting your needs.




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