Bug #21422

Cannot submit jobs with protodune definition np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics

Added by Tingjun Yang about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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We cannot run grid jobs using the protodune sam definition np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics. This is the official definition created by the production team.

Wed Nov 21 20:32:51 GMT 2018 BEGIN EXECUTION --sam_station dune --sam_group dune --sam_defname np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics --sam_project apaudel_np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_ph\
ysics_20181121143043 -g --max_files 6 --logdir /pnfs/dune/scratch/users/apaudel/v07_11_00/ana/protodune_1gev_180kv_xyz_1000_files
Wed Nov 21 20:33:04 2018
HTTP-Status: 404
Error text is:
Definition 'np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics_limit_6' not found
Wed Nov 21 20:33:08 GMT 2018 COMPLETED with exit status 1

samweb describe-definition np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics
Definition Name: np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics
  Definition Id: 144743
  Creation Date: 2018-11-06T04:48:11+00:00
       Username: dunepro
          Group: dune
     Dimensions: data_tier 'full-reconstructed' and run_type 'protodune-sp' and data_stream physics and application reco and version v07_08_00_03, v07_08_00_04

However, we had no problem with a user defined definition apaudel_1gev_180kv_5225-5338:

Sun Nov 18 13:28:22 EST 2018 BEGIN EXECUTION --sam_station dune --sam_group dune --sam_defname apaudel_1gev_180kv_5225-5338 --sam_project apaudel_1gev_180kv_5225-5338_20181118122637 -g --max_files 12 --logdir /p\
Sun Nov 18 13:28:32 EST 2018 COMPLETED with exit status 0

samweb describe-definition apaudel_1gev_180kv_5225-5338
Definition Name: apaudel_1gev_180kv_5225-5338
  Definition Id: 162042
  Creation Date: 2018-11-17T23:22:40+00:00
       Username: apaudel
          Group: dune
     Dimensions: defname: np04_full-reconstructed_v07_08_00_unified_physics and run_number 5225, 5235, 5240, 5244, 5308, 5311, 5315, 5338


#1 Updated by Lynn Garren about 2 years ago

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Tingjun, is this a larbatch problem for Herb? Or is it related to needing a specific release of larbatch? Or????

#2 Updated by Tingjun Yang about 2 years ago

Hi Lynn,

After discussion with DUNE computing people, there was a recent change in samweb policy that the sam dataset definition needs to contain the user name. There are good reasons to do this, but the consequence is that larbatch does not work if a user is using a definition that does not contain his/her user name. There are workaound, the user can create a new definition with the user name. Larbatch can be changed to add user name when creating definitions. We can probably wait till next week to address this.


#3 Updated by Lynn Garren about 2 years ago

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  • Assignee set to Herbert Greenlee

It appears that Herb just committed this fix.

#4 Updated by Lynn Garren about 2 years ago

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I believe the fix is in larbatch v1_47_01 which is part of the larsoft v07_12_00 distribution.

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